Teach Your Dog The "Watch Me " Command

The command “Watch Me” may seem very basic, but it is a stepping stone to all of the other obedience work you will be doing with your dog. This command allows you to get your dogs attention and relay the message that you are wanting him to pay attention to you. Distractible puppies often have a hard time mastering the “watch me” command as they are rambunctious packages of energy who have a difficult time focusing on anything! This simple exercise will take patience. It is the foundation to all of the other training you do in the future.

Goal: To get your dog to pay attention! Eye contact is key!

Step 1: Prepare a high value treat- something soft and smelly usually works best! (We like tiny pieces of turkey dogs!)

Step 2: Move the treat upwards away from your dog towards your body up to your face.

Step 3: When your dog makes eye contact with you – immediately praise and give her the treat. As soon as she understands the connection between the eye contact and the reward you can start adding the command “Watch Me” into the exercise.

Tips: Try and keep the treat bag out of sight or your dog may spend more time focusing on where the treat came from and not where it is going!

Once your dog gets good at this command, start using the treats less as a lure and more as a reward. Do not move the treat and just use the command. When your dog looks in your eyes because she understands what you are asking – praise and treat!

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