The Tibetan Spaniel!

The Tibetan Spaniel is a small attractive dog. Its expressive oval eyes and medium-length but strong black nose, and its plumed and curved over tail give it a charming appearance. It has small and neat hare-feet that allow swift movements. Its small body size and weight also render its movements almost noiseless. It has soft and silky medium-length flat coat which comes in several colors and shades – cream, gold, fawn, red, white, black, as well as black and tan. This sensitive breed is a well-liked house pet.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
12-15 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Great for apartments.

Less than average.

Exercise Needs:
Daily 30 minute walk.

Breed Group:


9-11 inches

9 to 15 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Gold, cream, fawn, red, white, black, and black with tan

National breed club:
The Tibetan Spaniel Club of America

Tibetan Spaniel Skills

As shown by its name, this breed started off in Tibet. In ancient Tibet, this breed is the preferred gift to royal houses as well as a companion and watchdog, sitting on high walls and barking at any intruders, in monasteries. It is believed to contain genes of the Pekingese, the Pug, and the Japanese Spaniel.

Tibetan Spaniel Personality

This vivacious breed is very smart, sweet and trusting. To their humans, they are highly protective, loyal, affectionate, and great towards the kids. It also can get along well with other animals. To strangers, however, it is aloof and does not bark easily unless it senses intrusion. It is a great watchdog and companion. It can be slightly hard to train due to its sometimes willful and assertive attitude.

Exercise Needs

This breed requires average exercise like a long walk.

Living Conditions

The Tibetan Spaniel will thrive in an apartment even without a yard, as it is generally inactive indoors.

Grooming Requirements

An average shedder, this breed needs regular brushing and occasional clipping.

Health Issues

The Tibetan Spaniel is generally healthy but can suffer from overheat or some respiratory problems, due to their short faces.

If you liked this dog… may instead get a Pekingese, its look-alike. The Pekingese is also a small dog, but it has a longer coat and ears. Although this breed, like the Tibetan Spaniel, can be obstinate it will be do fine living in an apartment and with little outdoor exercise.


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