The Sussex Spaniel!

The Sussex Spaniel is a strong dog watchdog with several skills in tracking, hunting, and endurance games. As a hunter, it hunts slowly but its excellent nose makes it efficient in tracking. It also has a great stamina that makes it last long in such game. But such sporty attributes are not very evident because of its charming looks. This dog has large and expressive hazel eyes, liver-colored nose, and long heavy ears. It is built long and low to the ground and has a deep chest. It has feathered legs, undersides, and tail (which is docked). Its silky coat is golden liver in color and blends well with color of barks of trees at sunset, making it seemingly invisible.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
12-15 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Flexible, but needs time outside.

Tendency to howl.

Exercise Needs:
Daily 30 minute walk and yard play.

Breed Group:


14 to 16 inches

40 to 50 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Golden liver color or golden reds

National breed club:
The Sussex Spaniel Club of America

Sussex Spaniel Skills

The Sussex Spaniel got its name from Sussex, England where it was originally bred in the 1800s. Its intended specific function was as a game-hunter and as a companion dog. It is said that the breed was developed by crossing spaniels with hounds.

Sussex Spaniel Personality

The Sussex Spaniel is a sweet and devoted pet. It is steady, calm, and generally gets along with other dogs. However it can turn aggressive especially if it is not socialized at an early age. But it is usually polite to human strangers. Because it has a tendency to have a mind of its own, it should be given consistent training. When properly equipped with skills and discipline, it is well adapted to hunting and retrieving things. It bays in the course of such game or activity. But it also has a tendency to howl, especially when left alone. Its separation anxiety and unhappiness can even cause it to commit destructive chewing.

Exercise Needs

This breed requires regular exercise, especially since it can become overweight. Some of its favorite activities are retrieving, swimming, and other outdoor fun.

Living Conditions

The Sussex Spaniel is adaptable to apartment living as long as it is given sufficient exercise outdoor, like on a small yard. On temperate climates, it can live outdoor provided it has a warm shelter.

Grooming Requirements

An average shedder, the Sussex Spaniel requires regular brushing and cleaning. Ears should undergo regular cleaning as well.

Health Issues

The Sussex Spaniel can be prone to ear infections and over-weight. It needs regular ear cleaning and sufficient diet. Intervertebral disc syndrome, otitis exerna, heart murmur, and enlarged heart are some minor health issues concerning this breed.

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