The Smooth Fox Terrier!

The Smooth Fox Terrier is also named the Fox Terrier Smooth Coat, or simply, the Smooths. It is a small dog but well built, elegant and smart. Its eyes are small, dark, circular and deep-set. Its V-shaped ears droop forward. Its short tail is upright and strong. The coat is smooth (as opposed to Wire Fox Terrier, which is wire-haired), flat, dense, and usually is dominantly white. The Smooths is good in hunting, tracking, and even in performing tricks. It is also a good watchdog but be warned of its high-pitched barking, which can be annoying.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
15+ years

Energy Level:
Higher than average.

Living Conditions:
Fine for apartments.

High-pitched barking

Exercise Needs:
Long walks and secure place to run.

Breed Group:


14 to 16 inches

15 to 20 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
White coat with black or brown marks.

National breed club:
American Fox Terrier Club

Smooth Fox Terrier Skills

In the 18th century, the Smooth Fox Terrier was used to hunt foxes in England. This dog did its job by causing the fox to bolt out of its hole with its growling and harassing gestures and sounds. In addition, it was an effective ratter. Its list of skills includes tracking, hunting, watchdogging, and performing tricks.

Smooth Fox Terrier Personality

The Smooth Fox Terrier loves to hunt, and therefore should be on leash when in the company of other animals. They are extremely affectionate to their humans but can be jealous (which it shows openly), impulsive, and scrappy. In other words, it can exhibit its temperamental moods especially if not given the proper attention. This energetic dog is also very playful especially to kids but be careful, for they have been known to bite. With other dogs, it can be competitive and pick fights. It is highly territorial of objects, places, and food even from its master. Its noisy barking can be a turnoff especially to neighbors. In general though, the Smooth Fox Terrier is very loyal and intelligent, that it can even be trained for tricks and other useful commands.

Exercise Needs

This breed loves to run free and whenever possible, should be allowed to do so as long as the place is safe. However, it can also be contented with long walks or a visit at the nearby park. These exercises are important or this dog can turn temperamental and destructive.

Living Conditions

This breed is active even indoors and can be happy living in an apartment even without a small yard. However, it should be taken out for walks.

Grooming Requirements

Because of its smooth short coats and being an average shedder, the Smooth Fox Terrier requires minimal grooming. It will do well with regular combing using a firm bristle brush.

Health Issues

Especially for predominantly white dogs, the Smooth Fox Terrier can be prone to deafness. Other health issues include post nasal drip, lens luxation, distichiasis, cataracts, Legg-Perthes, and shoulder dislocation.

If you liked this dog… may go for its wire-haired version, the Wire-Haired Fox Terrier, which has the same characteristics as the Smooth Fox Terrier. In fact, the Smooth and Wire-Haired Fox Terriers were once categorized as one same breed. The Smooth Fox Terrier is also similar to the Manchester Terrier. The latter is smaller in size, and this can be more advantageous, but also skilled in hunting, intelligent, affectionate, highly agile, and with strong endurance.


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