The Sloughi!

Sloughis have fairly broad skulls with a wedge shaped muzzle, their skulls and muzzles are about equal in length. They have a complete scissor bite with very strong jaws. These dogs have slightly slanted, triangular eyes that are large and dark. Sloughis have relatively long, strong, and arched necks. Their ears are triangular-shaped and close to their heads. This dog’s chest is just the right size – not too broad, with the topline almost level and short. With long, well angulated back legs and well-muscled front legs, they have no problem moving quickly. Their feet are oval shaped, long, and thin. They cover the ground well and with no apparent effort.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
11-13 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Not best for apartments.


Exercise Needs:
Two hours worth of yard play, walks and runs.

Breed Group:


24-28 inches

40-60 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Shades of pale sand to red sometimes with black markings

National breed club:
American Sloughi Association

Sloughi Skills

They are sometimes called living pieces of history – highly valued as an Arabian horse and revered by the Beddouin tribesmen. During the days of the Sheiks, the Sloughi was one of the most prized possessions. In those times, they were treated with the same respect as any honored guest. Nowadays, Sloughis are pets to select homes but their built-in desire to go hunting and their apparent boundless energy makes it somewhat difficult for city dwellers to own them.

Sloughi Personality

Sloughis are very devoted to their family. It is not easy for them to change homes. Once you own one, they are yours for life. They are not a noisy breed and they love children. These dogs are independent but they are not suited to someone who has little time. Other animals are not entirely safe with a Sloughi unless raised with them from an early age. They are noble and quite reserved with strangers. In the family though, they are affectionate and sweet – they love playing together and playing chase. Sloughis are also a very clean, manageable breed. They do not like to be dirty in any way. This breed also makes an excellent watchdog.

Exercise Needs

Sloughis have very high energy. They need at least two hours of exercise a day. Once on to a game or any contest, this competitive breed will run and run to win.

Living Conditions

Sloughis need plenty of exercise so it is best that they stay in large open space. Living in an apartment or townhouse wouldn’t exactly be ideal for them but they will get by fine as long as they are provided a soft bed or blanket in which to sleep.

Grooming Requirements

To keep shedding to a minimum, brush at least once a week.

Health Issues

This breed has no recorded incidents of major hereditary problems

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