Does Size Matter?

You may be surprised, but there is a lot that you can know about how an adult dog will be based on its size. While size may not be as good an indicator as breed, size does contribute to certain things like level of energy, living conditions, exercise needs and health related issues.

Small Dogs

Small dogs tend to be great apartment dogs. Often, small dogs are active enough indoors so that they don't even need daily walks, although walks would be appreciated. Small dogs tend to have longer and healthier lives and are to be preferred if you enjoy snuggling with your dog at night. However, small dogs aren't great if you are a jogger or if you are looking for an high athletic performance in your dog.

Medium-Small Dogs

Medium-small dogs tend to include those dogs with the greatest energy per pound. They also tend to be more muscular than other dogs. Medium-small dogs are typically very good vermin hunters and can make excellent jogging companions.

Medium Dogs

Medium sized dogs are very popular and tend to be very obedient. Included in this group are labradors and retrievers. While they don't bring along many of the health issues of larger dogs, they do bring many of the benefits, such as a toned down energy level.You can expect a medium sized dog to sit at your feet and enjoy your presence without being a bundle of energy. Still, they are very good athletes and hunters and enjoy some play time outside.

Medium-Large Dogs

Medium-Large dogs can still normally live in apartments, though they'll need some time outside. As adults, they will calmly stay by your side and be your faithful companion. Many medium-large dogs inherit the health problems most commonly associated with large dogs.

Large Dogs

Large dogs tend to be more lethargic than smaller dogs, though they still enjoy a good walk. With large dogs, you should be especially careful during puppy development to not put too much strain on their joints. Large dogs are well known for having joint problems later in life. Large dogs typically have shorter lives and personality wise, reach adult maturity more quickly than smaller dogs. Large dogs tend to be calm and gentle.


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