Top Seven Dog Treats

It’s easy to go to your local pet super store and be overwhelmed by the sheer number of treats to choose from when walking down the aisles. We’ve compiled a list of 7 of our favorite edible goodies that your pooch will not only drool over, but will also be good for him! We hope this makes your shopping trips a bit easier!

1. Wellness Wellbars : Wellness WellbarsThese crunchy treats come in three different varieties: Yogurt, Apples and Bananas; Crunchy Peanuts and Honey; and Atlantic Whitefish and Sweet Potato. No matter which of the kinds you choose for your pup, know that none of these treats contain wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, or meat by-products.

2. DogswellHappy HipsDogswell is a company that puts out a whole line of natural jerky treats fortified with additional vitamin and mineral supplements. They use chicken, beef, duck and lamb to create healthy snacks that no dog could ever refuse! With names like Happy Hips, Breathies (our pup’s current favorite treat), and Mellow Mutt, there is a variety for every ailment. All Dogswell products contain no hormones, no antibiotics, no byproducts, no added salt, no wheat, no corn, no gluten, no BHA/BHT.

3. Canidae Snap BiscuitsCanidae Snap BiscuitsThese large biscuits are really 4 smaller treats that can be broken apart for smaller dogs, or given whole for large breeds. These natural treats are made with human-grade chicken and turkey, whole grains (barley, brown rice, rye and oatmeal) combined with peppermint for fresh breath. They are naturally preserved and do not contain wheat, soy, corn, by-products or fillers.

4. Innova Evo TreatsInnova Evo TreatsEVO Baked Dog Treats are one of few grain free biscuits available on the market. They provide a high protein/low carbohydrate treat option. Evo treats are made using high quality chicken and turkey backs and wings as well as fruits and vegetables.

5. Natural Balance RollsNatural Balance RollsThese are not your conventional dog treat! Resembling a thick pepperoni stick, these moist rolls of lamb and beef should be refrigerated once they are opened. The rolls are actually a complete diet, but are most often used as a training treat because they are EXTREMELY palatable and smell SO good to dogs! They’re a much better alternative to hot dogs, which we also recommend for use in training, for the same reasons. Natural Balance Rolls are made with USDA inspected meats, zero by-products, dried kelp (an excellent natural source of vitamins, mineral and trace elements).

6. Old Mother Hubbard BiscuitsOld Mother Hubbard BiscuitsA classic-style dog biscuit with a healthier profile, these simple treats actually can be found in most chain pet stores. These treats are made by the same company that produces Wellness- a high-quality dog food. As an example- the company uses turmeric for added color instead of artificial coloring. One of our favorites is P-Nuttier.

7. Zen PuppyZen PuppyZen Puppy puts out a line of “new age” treats that can be found at large chain stores as well as independent pet supply outlets. These holistic treats with names such as “Peace”, “Beauty” and “Smarty” contain different blends of herbs, botanicals and flower extracts. The treats are semi-moist which makes them exceptionally appealing to our pups!


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