The Saluki!

The Saluki is a very limber and graceful breed. Similar to a Greyhound, it has a slim body and has long, silky feathering on the ears and the tail. However, there is also a rare smooth variety that has no feathering. The smooth variety has a coarser coat as compared to the feathered variety, which has a silky fur. The Saluki’s head is narrow and tapers at the nose area. It has eyes that are either light or dark brown, a strong jaw and long ears that hang until the neck. The Saluki can be described as an animal of long proportions – it has a long and flexible neck, giving it a dignified air and an elongated yet muscular body. Its feet are hairy in between the toes, serving as protection for rough terrain. The Saluki is very graceful when it runs, as all four legs are suspended in mid-air when it picks up its gait. Dogs of this breed that have white patches on their forehead are regarded as special by the Bedouin tribes, claiming that the mark is “the kiss of Allah”.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
10-12 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Not for apartments. Needs room to roam.


Other Pets:

Exercise Needs:
Daily run or backyard romp.

Breed Group:


23 to 28 inches

29 to 66 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Black, tan, white, cream, gold, red and combinations of these..

National breed club:
Saluki Club of America

Saluki Skills

The Saluki, touted as the royal dog of Egypt, is said to be as old as the ancient civilization. It was named after an Arabian city which has vanished beneath the desert sand. The breed, which is said to be a gift from Allah, is usually given as tokens of friendship and appreciation. They were so revered that their bodies, just like those of the powerful Pharaohs, were mummified. Pictures of the Saluki even appeared in ancient Egyptian tombs, dating as far back as 2100 BC.

Saluki Personality

While the Saluki was originally a hunting dog, it possesses a gentle and even-tempered nature. However, it is rarely affectionate and can be loyal to one person only. It needs to be subjected to moderate obedience training, in order to balance its innate hunting instincts. Due to these characteristics, the Saluki’s instinct is to chase and kill non-canine animals. Thus, Saluki owners must refrain from having other pets.

Exercise Needs

The Saluki, being a natural athlete, loves to run and roam around vast areas. They have such exceptional strength and endurance that they can outrun humans. However, they should not be allowed to run without supervision, as many get lost or are killed when let loose on their own.

Living Conditions

Saluki dogs are not advised for people with cramped living quarters. The dog needs to roam around vast areas, since it loves to run. Salukis prefer warm weather although extremely hot conditions can be uncomfortable.

Grooming Requirements

Since the Saluki’s ears are long and feathery, it is advised to check it regularly, to avoid accumulation of dirt that can lead to infections. The breed is very easy to groom, only requiring occasional brushing of the longer-haired areas.

Health Issues

The Saluki is prone to sunburn, especially on the nose area, because of its thin coat. It is also susceptible to eye diseases and cancer.

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