The Redbone Coonhound!

The Redbone Coonhound, often fondly referred to as simply Reds, has an athletic body that gives it the impression of serious working dog. Its legs are long and straight and in proportion with its deep broad chest, proud head, and upright tail. It has compact and cat-like paws while its eyes are dark and sorrowful and its ears, long and hanging ears. This is the only coonhound that has a solid color (usually rich red). It has a short but smooth coat, dense enough to protect its body from the weather. Such muscular built complements its naturally athletic and active lifestyle of hunting. The Reds is an intelligent and agile dog that has been known to scour swamplands and mountains.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
11-12 years

Energy Level:
During puppy stage, higher than average..

Living Conditions:
Fine for apartments if given sufficient exercise outdoors. All-weather coat.

Louder than average..

Exercise Needs:
Daily outdoor hunting-like activities.

Breed Group:


21 to 27 inches

50 to 70 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Brindle or black with brindle trim.

National breed club:
AKC Redbone Coonhound Page

Redbone Coonhound Skills

The Reds originated in Georgia, USA in the 1800s. With foxhounds and bloodhounds as ancestors, this breed was specifically developed for pack hunting small and large prey. This coonhound is relatively faster and better sniffer than its other group breeds. It is also known to be an excellent water dog.

Redbone Coonhound Personality

The Redbone Coonhound delights in hunting and treeing activities. Highly active, it is alert, fast, and agile in all types of weather and environments. As a pet, it is affectionate and loyal, satisfied at being with their human family even by just sitting around with them. It is very friendly with children. The coonhound pup is very energetic and must have plenty of activities; otherwise, it may become destructive out of boredom and make lots of chewing and baying. This breed though is a loud dog.

Exercise Needs

As natural hunters, the Redbone Coonhounds will benefit from plenty of exercises.

Living Conditions

The Redbone Coonhound will adapt even in an apartment as long as it is given sufficient exercise in a large yard regularly. It has an all-weather coat, making it flexible even in sleeping outdoors like in camp outs.

Grooming Requirements

Being a light shedder with a short coat, the Reds will do well with minimal grooming. Naturally, regular bathing and brushing will help prevent its doggy smell.

Health Issues

Although generally healthy, the redbone coonhound can be susceptible to hip dysplasia and obesity.

If you liked this dog…

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