The Pyrenean Shepherd!

A Pyrenean Shepherd’s face is very expressive. They have dark, intelligent eyes – with the exception of the harlequin or slate gray colours. Their head is of small proportions in comparison to other dogs. They also have a rather flat skull and a short, pointed muzzle. They have long, lean bodies that reflect their natural athleticism. Typical of a sure-footed mountain breed, they have well proportioned legs with lean, well-bent hocks. The Pyrenean Shepherd’s coat has two varieties – smooth faced (smooth haired) or rough faced (long haired). The rough faced variety has some long hairs around the muzzle and face., though never to the point of having a bearded effect or obscuring the eyes. The smooth faced variety on the other hand, has a modest ruff around the face and neck, with fine, short hairs on the muzzle.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
15+ years

Energy Level:
High "nervous" energy.

Living Conditions:
No cramped spaces.

Vocal around strangers.

Exercise Needs:
Several high-energy activities per day.

Breed Group:


15-19 inches

15-25 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Fawn, greys, brindle,black; with or without black shadowing.

National breed club:
The Pyrenean Shepherd Club of America

Pyrenean Shepherd Skills

The Pyrenean Shepherd gained national recognition in France after first World War for their invaluable assistance as couriers, search and rescue dogs, watch dogs and sometimes, even company mascots. Now, it is more popular for being an intelligent performance dog for dog sports. It is not yet famous outside France but it has gained recognition after one of its breed won the World Agility Championship for medium sized dogs in 2003.

Pyrenean Shepherd Personality

Though smaller than most herding dogs, there is so much power and energy packed inside the Pyrenean Shepherd. Originally designed to be a sheepdog, it has all the energy of one. Always wanting to do something, this clever dog is perfect for sports. They are loyal dogs – very dedicated and attached to their owners. They have this sweet gesture of following their owners around the house to be able to help out in the usual chores if they can. They are fast learners and thus, very easy to train. They are very vocal when wary of the unfamiliar.

Exercise Needs

This dog needs constant exercise to positively channel its rather nervous disposition. It is also hyperactive, energetic and needs constant play.

Living Conditions

The Pyrenean Shepherd should have a wide space where they can round around and play. They become too aggressive and restless when stuck with nothing to do. Having them live in an apartment should not even be considered as they have this tendency to destroy everything they can get their paws on. They are not destructive by nature but cramped spaces usually leave them uneasy and rather panicky.

Grooming Requirements

The coat’s texture is not the type that easily tangles. It does not require much grooming, only a brush once a week.

Health Issues

There are no serious and common health issues with this breed.

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