How To Handle Everyday Puppy Fears

You have a new puppy and you want to show her the world! Most of the time her first weeks with you are chaotic but happy and full of “firsts”. Her first walk outside, her first trip to the pet store, etc. In these first weeks it is common to encounter a normal situation that causes your normally friendly, confident pup to shy away from, or even bark at, a particular object or even bark at it. This can be surprising to a new puppy owner, but periods of fear and oversensitivity are a normal part of canine development. However, these situations need to be handled carefully in order to help your puppy conquer her fear and prevent long-term phobias from forming.

How To Handle Everyday Fears:

If your pup is showing fear or anxiety towards an object, the key to helping her relax is in your calm demeanor. Let’s say your dog is afraid of a balloon – a strange blowing, floating orb. She starts barking and growling in its direction. While you may feel silly or embarrassed at your puppy’s behavior, staying calm is key. Take your time and allow your puppy to feel out this new situation.

How NOT To Handle Everyday Fears:

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