Who Wants a Puppy?

Puppies can be the cutest things on God's green earth. But they can also be the most frustrating! At The Dog Guide, we want to make it as easy for you as possible to find and raise a puppy, and to make it a pleasant experience. We're sure you've heard horror stories about puppies who devastate furniture, chew socks, destroy shoes, pee on the brand new carpet, bark until their lungs are sore, and who knows what else. The good news is that with a little foresight and some planning, the downside of raising a puppy can be minimized, leaving you much more of that bundle of joy to love.

One of the first things to know about puppies is that some features are breed specific and some features are common to all puppies. For example, every puppy has to be trained to know where to go to the bathroom. Also, every puppy will have more energy than a corresponding adult dog from the same breed. All puppies go through a teething process and will need things to chew on. Providing them things to chew rather than letting them find things on their own is very important.

But like we said, puppy behavior varies between breeds. Some breeds exhibit puppy qualities for much longer periods of itme than others. So, if you like the exhuberant, affectionate qualities of puppies, than it might be wise to find a breed that exhibits these qualities for as long as the first four years of its life. Some puppies integrate a lot more quickly into a family than others, and some get along with other pets much better than others. A puppy from one breed may be very obedient and easy to train, and a puppy from another breed may be stubborn, willful and difficult to train. Keep these things in mind when you are picking your breed of dog.

In the future, we will develop a series of articles to help you pick and raise your perfect puppy. Articles will give specific advice for dealing with common phenomenon like disobedience, nipping, accidents, barking, jumping up on people, etc. Additionally, we'll provide information on integrating your puppy into a family with kids, other dogs and other pets such as cats. We'll also throw in some general guidelines for gaining the trust and obedience of your puppy from the very beginning. So, stay tuned


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