The Plott!

The Plott Hound, or Plott, is an athletic dog with superior treeing and hunting characteristics. It has a muscled and streamlined body that can hound even coyotes, wildcats, and wolves. Its list of prey illustrates that this hunter is equipped with the appropriate stamina, courageous spirit and superior intelligence. This enduring creature has a smooth and glossy double coat, which is thick enough for weather and sun protection. Its long tail is held high when it gets excited. It also makes sharp and high-pitched sounds, which is surprisingly uncharacteristic of coonhounds.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
12-14 years

Energy Level:
Slightly higher than average.

Living Conditions:
Not for apartments. Substantial time each day should be spent outside.


Exercise Needs:
Plenty of daily outdoor activities.

Breed Group:


20 - 24 inches

40 - 60 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Brindle or black with brindle trim.

National breed club:
AKC Plott Page

Plott Skills

The Plott Hound is the only American hound without British ancestry. It originated in the USA primarily for hunting bears. Its name is derived from its founder, the Jonathan Plott family, who raised this breed exclusively by mixing bloodhounds with curs for seven generations.

Plott Personality

As a hunter, the Plott is serious and always alert. It can detect a slight movement and sniff well. Its muscular built allows it to be highly active and agile. As a pet, the Plott maintains a happy disposition, which its nimble built expressly shows. To its humans, it is very loyal and eager to please. It even proves to be a great with children. Highly active, agile, alert, and brave.

Exercise Needs

Because of its innately active spirit, plenty of regular exercise will make the Plott happy and healthy. However, ensure that it does not go into exercise after its meal.

Living Conditions

This athletic dog is not suitable to raise in an apartment. However when raised outdoor, be sure to protect them from straying off your property for, having no road sense, they can wander off anywhere.

Grooming Requirements

Due to its type of coat, the Plott requires minimal grooming only. However, because of their passion for the outdoors, they can be susceptible to fleas, ticks, and minor injuries such as torn nails, split pads, and torn ears. It is thus advised this dog be afforded ample grooming and similar treatments. Also, watch out for those drools.

Health Issues

The Plott is a generally healthy dog. However, because it quickly finishes its food, it is prone to gastric torsion and stomach twistings.

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