The Pharaoh Hound!

The Pharaoh Hound, now the national dog of Malta, was so named for its resemblance to ancient Egyptian depictions of dogs and Anubis, the jackal god of Egyptian mythology. It is noted for its ability to blush: its ears and nose become flushed when it’s excited. This tendency is apparent through its short and glossy coat. The Pharaoh hound boasts of a build that’s comparable to a greyhound’s. With its sleek, powerful and nimble body, it is able to run down rocky terrain and chase fast-moving game. This breed’s overall look is one of grace and nobility.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
11-14 years

Energy Level:
Calm around the home; strong hunting tendencies

Living Conditions:
Flexible; idealy, it should have a yard to play in but apartment is fine if provided proper exercise.


Exercise Needs:
Likes to run; but long walks are fine.

Breed Group:


21 to 25 inches

45 to 55 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Black, brown, white, red, orange, cream, blue, or a combination of white and another color.

National breed club:
American Pomeranian Club

Pharaoh Hound Skills

The breed enjoyed quite an isolated existence in Malta, where it was valued for its ability to hunt rabbits. These days, the Pharaoh hound is trained for, and does quite well in, Lure Coursing.

Pharaoh Hound Personality

This dog is a nice indoor companion, as it tends to keep calm when in the house. It is a generally well-behaved breed; it tends to be shy around strangers, but loves to be around children. Its timid nature may be lessened with proper socialization in the early years. Despite this characteristic, the Pharaoh hound is not to be left with such vulnerable pets as cats and rabbits, as the hunting instincts may still be dominant.

Exercise Needs

The Pharaoh Hound enjoys stretching its legs with regular runs. Although long walks would suffice for this strapping breed, the Pharaoh hound can be a challenging workout companion that an active owner may want to make the most of.

Living Conditions

This well-behaved dog will do quite well indoors, even in an apartment, provided it is taken out often to exercise. Access to a large, securely fenced yard is ideal for this breed, as it likes to run, but tends to follow hunting leads with its sense of smell, and will find it easy to jump over low fences. This breed prefers to sleep indoors, on warm and comfortable beddings.

Grooming Requirements

The minimal grooming needs of a generally clean Pharaoh hound include removal of loose and dead hair using a rubber brush. One may use dry shampoo on its coat or give it a bath as needed.

Health Issues

This breed tends to be very healthy, with no known deficiencies or inherited disorders, though it may be extremely sensitive to medication and insecticides.

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