The Pekingese!

The Pekingese, sometimes affectionately called the Peke, has a long, sturdy body covered by a long, thick and straight overcoat and a thick undercoat. Though the breed has a somewhat flat face due to its short muzzle, the mane formed by its coat around the shoulders is its main similarity to a lion, and has earned it the old nickname of “lion dog.” (This is not to be confused with lion hounds – dog breeds that were primarily used to hunt down lions.)

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
11-14 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Indoor only. Ideal for apartments. Sensitive to heat.

Higher than average.

Exercise Needs:
Minimal. Short walks.

Breed Group:


6 to 9 inches

8 to 10 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Brown, black, red, sable, white, a blend of black and tan, and other even-color combinations. Round spots around the eyes and lines towards the ears are desirable for this dog.

National breed club:
Pekingese Club of America

Pekingese Skills

Originally from China, the Pekingese were once hailed as royal beings because of their resemblance to the lion, which was a glorified symbol of Buddhism in those days. The breed reached the Western world after the British ransacked the Imperial Summer Palace during the Second Opium War in 1860 and took Pekingese puppies back to Queen Victoria. These days, the breed has become a popular show dog and companion.

Pekingese Personality

The Pekingese is noted for its brave and stubborn nature, though it is a devoted and affectionate family dog. It demonstrates playfulness when around family members, but rough play is discouraged. It makes a good watchdog as it barks at strangers.

Exercise Needs

The Pekingese needs very little exercise, although regular activity, even short walks, should help keep it healthy.

Living Conditions

Although the Pekingese may be recommended for apartment living, future owners must be aware of its low heat tolerance. It may not survive in warmer regions, and must be kept indoors with air conditioning during warm spells. It’s best to have it sleeping indoors, though an occasional outdoor trip in cool weather is fine.

Grooming Requirements

To avoid matting, the coat of the Pekingese must at least be given a weekly combing, and the coat around its posterior must also be checked for soiling on a daily basis. Also, to avoid infection, the wrinkle above its nose must be inspected and cleaned daily.

Health Issues

This breed tends to be prone to having colds, as well as lung and heart ailments. Other concerns include dislocated disks and herniated kneecaps, as well as inward-growing eyelashes. Also, the Pekingese tend to experience difficult births.

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