The Mudi!

One of the Mudi’s standout features is its thick coat with shiny, glossy hair that forms tufts. Its jaws form a scissor bite and are muscular. They have a pointed nose and a long head. The skull is convex with a well-marked stop. The eyes a warm color of brown and oval in shape. For Mudi puppies, being born without a tail is not unusual. Its back is long and straight and their hind legs are wide set. Without the intervention of dedicated breeders, they would be in danger of extinction.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
13-14 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Active breed; not ideal for apartments.

Higher than average.

Exercise Needs:
Daily walk or run. Love to play frisbee.

Breed Group:


14 to 20 inches

18 to 29 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Large variety including: gray, brown, red, black, white, bread-pale and fallow

National breed club:
The Mudi Club of America

Mudi Skills

This breed formed recently and very suddenly and is only about one hundred years old. It has served as a flock guardian, cow herder, sheep herder, hunter of wild animals, killer of mice and weasels, guard dog, and companion. Now, they are also used as fountain rescue dogs.

Mudi Personality

The Mudi has a seemingly endless list of talents – this, combined with a pleasant disposition make him a top dog. Being a rare dog, there are only few Mudi owners. However, a moody Mudi is even more rare than the breed itself. They are generally loving and gentle in the family and have a reputation for being a great companion. However, they are also brave and strong and will defend its owner and property if the situation calls for it. In as much as Mudis are friendly, their friendliness does not extend to the unfamiliar. They do not trust strangers but are not particularly aggressive when they meet one. They just need time to get acquainted with them. They can get along okay with children as long as they are raised from puppyhood. They also do well interacting with other dogs and non-canine pets as long as they are properly introduced. Sometimes though, the Mudi has a tendency to be noisy.

Exercise Needs

Mudis are very sporty. They love running and will do well in almost any sport, particularly Frisbee and fly ball. They should not be kept in small spaces, as they are a very active breed.

Living Conditions

Mudi are still moderately active even if kept indoors. They can live in an apartment as long as they are regularly taken out for walks and given the chance to exercise from time to time. However, it is still best to provide them a place where they can freely run and play.

Grooming Requirements

This breed is low maintenance. Occasional combing and brushing is all they need.

Health Issues

Some cases of hip dysplasia have been reported but not many. They are generally a healthy breed.

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