The Maltese!

The Maltese, also known as Bichon Maltaise, is a very handsome dog that is often depicted in paintings. Its long, silky, luxurious coat gives it this darling appearance. This coat even gets as long as 22 cm. This is often white in color, although it can also be light ivory. Its ears and tail are long, and covered with hair. Its eyes are round, dark, and dark-rimmed. Its nose is black. Although fine-boned, this breed is sturdy.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
15+ years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Indoor only; apartments fine..

Above average.

Exercise Needs:
Minimal; occasional walks.

Breed Group:


8 to 10 inches

6 to 9 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:

National breed club:
American Maltese Association

Maltese Skills

The Maltese got its name from its place of origin, Malta. It began in the 1500s and from then on, has been a favorite companion of many women who often carry them in their arms. It is also a favorite subject of artists. It is believed that this breed was first brought to England by the Crusaders when they returned home from the Mediterranean. Nowadays, the Maltese is a much sough house pet and show dog.

Maltese Personality

This handsome dog has a lively spirit with a graceful appearance. Its playful, cheerful disposition goes well even into old age. It is smart and can be trained easily especially when rewarded. It won’t hesitate to bark and show its protective and bold nature when something suspicious comes up. Although generally affectionate, it can turn snappish with inconsiderate kids. This dog can also be a picky eater. It can also be over jealous of visitors and unstable when given too much pampering and protectiveness. In general, this breed does not get along well with other pets.

Exercise Needs

The Maltese will benefit from regular walks and some outdoor fun as this dog is playful, as long as it is kept away from damp areas. In general though, being an ideal house pet, it is active indoors and thus does not require much outdoor exercise.

Living Conditions

The Maltese adapts well to apartment life. Even without a yard, this dog will live happily indoor with its human family.

Grooming Requirements

Its long, silky coat requires that it be brushed and combed on a daily basis. Its eyes and beard should be cleaned regularly to prevent staining. Sometimes, owners tie the hairs above the head to prevent it from getting into the eyes. Weekly shampooing is also advised. This breed shed little hair (or no hair) and is thus compatible living even with allergy sufferers.

Health Issues

This breed requires that it be kept away from damp areas. It can be prone to chills but in hot weather, can experience discomfort. It also has a tendency to suffer from sunburn, especially along its hair parting. It is prone to respiratory, eye as well as tooth problems. Other issues include slipped stifle and upset digestion.

If you liked this dog…

...for its adorable long hair, you may go for a Shih Tzu instead. The Shih Tzu’s shaggy appearance, long coat that is not as straight as the Maltese, makes it less demanding of having to look brushed all the time. Unlike the Maltese, which has a tendency to be jealous of other animals, the Shih Tzu goes well with other pets.


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