The L÷wchen!

The Lowchen breed has been known as the Little Lion Dog or Petite Chien Lion. It is a small compact dog with a well proportioned body. It has a short head, which is characteristically wide, as well as a tail that is set high in a “cup handle” position as it walks. Its eyes are dark and round, nose is black or brown, and ears are moderately long with fringe. Its coat gives it a cuddly appearance – dense, soft, slightly wave, and comes in any colors. When Lowchen puppies are born in solid black color, they will soon transform into other color/s after a few days.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
12-14 years

Energy Level:
Average; cheerful.

Living Conditions:
Very flexible. Apartment life is fine.

Above average.

Exercise Needs:
Daily walk or run.

Breed Group:


10 to 13 inches

10-17 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Any colors, usually in combination and rarely in one solid color.

National breed club:
Löwchen Club of America

L÷wchen Skills

The Lowchen originated in France, hence the name, and has been grown in other parts of Europe particularly in Italy, Spain, and Germany. Its popularity began as early as 1500s until 1800s. In fact, it was a common subject of many artists then.

L÷wchen Personality

This dog is one cheerful pet, ideal for the household. It is sociable, affectionate, and intelligent. It goes well with the children as well as with the other pets. To its humans it is sweet, caring, and loyal. It is responsive to training. Its handsome and cuddly appearance can be deceiving, for it is protective of the house and when challenged, will not hesitate to reveal its courageous and tough spirit. Although small, it will even assert to become the household’s top pet. Some Lowchens may have the tendency to bark and dig a lot.

Exercise Needs

Like any other breeds, the Lowchen will enjoy long walks and a few runs. However, as an ideal pet to keep indoors, its exercise needs will adapt to its humans’ lifestyle.

Living Conditions

As an ideal pet, the Lowchen will be happy living in an apartment. Active indoors, it does not even require a small yard.

Grooming Requirements

The Lowchen has an attractive heavy coat that should be combed and brushed regularly to prevent tangles from forming. Dead hair should also be brushed out. This dog is often clipped in the hindquarters and its front legs are often close-clipped, hence the name Lion Dog (which is often given to Lowchens that are shown). This is a light shedder and is thus compatible with humans that are allergy sufferers.

Health Issues

Although this breed is a generally healthy one, there have been few cases of patellar luxation.

If you liked this dog…

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