The Best Products For Little Dogs

Small dogs aren’t accessories, but if you own one of these modest-sized companions you know the market for tiny dog items is infinite! While many of these products are just for fun, and some are altogether unnecessary, there are a few things that owners of small dogs should definitely consider purchasing for their pups. Here are our top 5 products for small dogs and why we like them!

The Founess Comfort Plush Harness

Small breeds are prone to a condition called Collapsing Trachea, which can be exacerbated by pressure on the neck. It’s suggested that a harness be used to control this problem. We’ve checked out a lot of small dog harnesses, but our favorite is the Founess Comfort Plush Harness. It has a few features that make it unique:

Our tester Chihuahua took to the Founess right away. This stylish harness lets you walk your dog safely and securely!

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Pet Stairz

Little dogs are big cuddlers, but picking your pet up and down off the bed or couch often grows tiresome. However, allowing your dog to jump on and off of high surfaces can cause damage to delicate joints that can lead to arthritis and other problems later in life. Small dogs are also prone to a knee condition called luxating patellas. If your dog suffers from this problem, leaping up and down should be kept to a minimum. While there are tons of options when it comes to pet stairs, Pet Stairz are innovative because they’re made of foam, making them light enough to be portable. The material acts as a shock absorber, preventing further pressure on your dog’s joints as he climbs.

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While your small dog may be the perfect size for your lap, he shouldn’t sit there while you drive! Not only is this a dangerous distraction, if you were to get into a collision, it could end in tragedy for your pet. The FidoRido is a booster seat (so your dog still gets to look out the window!) built for dogs up to 30 lbs. It is made out of the same durable material as an infant safety seat and comes with a harness that allows your pet to have the freedom to sit, lie down or stand up, while still being securely restrained!

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Tiny Bully Sticks

Keeping your tiny pup from having big doggie breath requires keeping his gums and teeth healthy. Providing appropriate items for chewing is a must for small dog owners! Bully sticks are an all-natural, protein rich way to treat your pet. They’re long lasting and tempting to even the pickiest of pooches!

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Sherpa Pet Carriers

One of the bonuses of having a small dog is the ability to travel easily with your pet. Small dogs are allowed at more hotels than their larger counterparts and you’ll often see them accompanying their owners on public transportation and even flying on planes! In order to make these journeys, you’ll need a durable carrier. Sherpa makes a huge variety of soft-sided carriers that provide the ultimate in ventilation while being airline approved. They have very basic designs to ultra-chic!

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