The Kuvasz!

Kuvasz is short for Hungarian Kuvasz, a large and well-muscled sheepdog common in Hungary. It has a white double coat which is both furry and medium-coarse. The hair is short on the head and feet but dense and wavy in the legs and body and can reach length of up to 4 to 6 inches. Against this white coat is a dark skin. It has medium-sized eyes, V-shaped ears, and large black nose. This agile dog has a well-tucked lower abdomen.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
10-12 years

Energy Level:

Living Conditions:
Not suitable for apartments or warm and humid climates.


Exercise Needs:
Vigorous outdoor yard play.

Breed Group:


26 to 30 inches

70 to 115 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:

National breed club:
Kuvasz Club of America

Kuvasz Skills

The ancient and noble heritage of the Kuvasz, bred by the Hungarians for over 2,000 years. In line with Hungary’s history, the Kuvasz were bred as livestock guardians, as well as hunting , herding and as a war-dog. Today, their agility, endurance and natural ancient abilities make them ideal for guarding livestock.

Kuvasz Personality

The Kuvasz, being an intelligent dog, is both a wonderful pet and working dog. With an experienced owner-trainer, it is easy to housebreak. However, it may not pass easily to obedience training since, owning to the nature of the job it assumes, it is very independent (of men) and can be very strong willed. Harsh and police-dog training types are thus not suitable for this breed. As a sheepdog, it is highly protective, diligent, and fierce even against enemies like wolves. As a pet, it is highly devoted, caring, gentle and patient. Still, it must be supervised when around with kids and family friends.

Exercise Needs

The Kuvasz needs plenty of vigorous outdoor exercise daily. A highly active lifestyle will avert this dog’s tendency to chew and dig.

Living Conditions

Apartment life is not the best condition for the Kuvasz. It is an active dog and a large yard will make it happy. Keeping it leashed can also make it destructive. Warm and humid weather conditions are also not ideal for this thickly coated dog. Plenty of water and shade are vital provisions.

Grooming Requirements

Weekly brushing will suffice. Interestingly, this is one breed that should not be bathed often, for it naturally sheds off dirt. Bathing it often will rid of the coat’s natural oils responsible for this innate dirt-shedding function. Instead, it should be brushed frequently. A cleaning strategy often employed by Kuvasz owners is applying talcum powder or cornstarch into the coat then brushing it out.

Health Issues

This breed is vulnerable to hip dysplasia. Minor health concerns include joint-related problems, skin conditions, and allergic reactions.

If you liked this dog…

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