A guide to your dog's health

As a dog owner, one of your biggest responsibilities is taking care of your dog's health. From regular vet visits, to the food your dog eats and the exercise she gets, the decisions you make play a huge role in your dog's quality of life. In this section, we've put together information to help you as you watch over the health of your dog.

The health of your dog depends on many factors, many of which you can control. For example, the higher the quality of food you feed your dog, the more healthy he will be and the longer he will live. However, high quality food takes more work, so there is a trade off.

There are two keys to maintaining your dog's health. One is preparation and planning. You want to prepare your house and yard to make it safe for your dog and to make sure she doesn't get into anything she shouldn't. You should also make sure your dog cannot escape the yard and get hit by a car. The more you prepare for your home for your dog, the safer your dog will be.

Besides preparation, we believe that the key to your dog's health is habit. You should get in the habit of doing the daily, weekly and monthly things that will make your dog happy and healthy. At the top of this list are multiple daily walks or runs. Your dog needs excercise. Without exercise your dog will get overweight and be more susceptible to illness. Also make sure that you are disciplined about when and what you feed your dog. Don't give your dog very much bread or non-meat table scraps.

The more intentional you are about your dog's health, the healthier your dog will be over his lifetime.


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