10 Reasons To Foster A Dog

If you’d like to make a real impact on homeless animals, consider becoming a foster family. The foster home is a necessary spoke in the animal rescue wheel – without them, no movement can occur. The ability to provide a temporary home to a dog in need is an immensely rewarding experience and here are 10 reasons you should consider taking a foster into your home.


Comfortable environment

Some dogs don’t do well in a shelter environment. They may be elderly or frightened of the smells and sounds. These dogs have a much greater chance of being adopted if they’re placed in a home environment and are given some TLC.

Free veterinary care

If a foster dog needs veterinary care, it is the responsibility of the shelter to provide it. Some shelters even provide food and other supplies to their foster homes.


Fostering a dog can be a rewarding experience for anyone of any age! As long as you are allowed to have pets in your home you can enjoy the companionship of a dog needing a temporary home.

Learning opportunity

You’ll be able to learn about canine behavior, grooming and social interactions as you spend time with your foster dog.

Help With adoptive match-making

You’ll learn the little details about the dog’s personality. This is an incredible gift to individuals looking to adopt a dog. You’ll be able to inform them of all the strong points as well as areas that need to be focused on if they are considering your foster.

Playmate for your other dogs

If you already have a dog, fostering can provide your pooch with a companion and playmate.

Great experience for children

Fostering teaches children about compassion and generosity.

Allow shelters to help one more dog

You are making room for another dog at the shelter. One more open run or kennel means one less dog put to sleep. Fostering means that you save a life.

Participate In Positive Changes

Having a foster dog allows you to actively participate in the rehabilitation of a traumatized or needy dog. Witnessing the progress your foster makes due to the attention and security given in your home is priceless.

Satisfying experience

Most of all, fostering is incredibly satisfying. The day your foster dog finds his perfect forever home might be a sad one for you, but know that he wouldn’t be where he is without all of your efforts and affection!


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