The Field Spaniel!

The Field Spaniel is a tad bit heavier and longer in body as compared to the Cocker. It has a moderate size. The silky coat is of solid color. It may either be liver or black. Some of the Field Spaniels are speckled and some have tan markings. It is allowable to have a bit of white in the chest area. The ears, tail, undersides and chest are feathered abundantly. However, they are never curled. The muzzle of a Field Spaniels is neither too wide nor too pointed. It is of regular size. The Field Spaniel has a large nose with open nostrils. The eyes are either hazel or chestnut brown. The Field Spaniel’s eyes have a gentle, pious, and noble expression. Like other show dogs, below the eyes it is lean and thin. The Field Spaniel is muscular and of great strength. They have fairly long ears which are pendant. The tail is cut.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
10-12 years

Energy Level:
Normally calm. Streaks of energy.

Living Conditions:
Not ideal for apartments. Secure fence.


Exercise Needs:
Daily walk in the park. Chances to explore and run in open fields.

Breed Group:


16-20 inches

35-50 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
The silky coat is of solid color. It may either be liver or black.

National breed club:
Field Spaniel Society of America

Field Spaniel Skills

Through the cautious breeding of the English Cocker Spaniel, the Field Spaniel was developed. The country of origin of Field Spaniels is England. Because of the poor selection practices during the last 1800’s when the focused of the breeders were carelessly focused on the length and weight, the breed was almost ruined. However, during the 1920’s the breeders had returned to moderate standards in breeding the Field Spaniels. They are fine bird dogs and are very mild. They make wonderful family companions. They are rare in the United States because they are overshadowed by the popularity of the Cocker and Springer Spaniels. The talents of the Field Spaniels are hunting, retrieving and hunting.

Field Spaniel Personality

Among the Spaniels, the Field Spaniel has one of the best personalities. They are highly independent, mild, loving and sweet. They are also clever and frolicsome. They are very active and energetic. With enough exercise, they are ideal family dogs. They are popular for their obedience. It is advisable to make sure that this breed is well socialized during the early years so as to avoid extreme shyness. The Field Spaniel loves everyone and they are significantly friendly to children. They like to roam around. As for other dogs, they are also good with them. However, when the play becomes too rough the dog will retreat. It is important to make sure that the Field Spaniel is not annoyed by children. At times, they do have a tendency to be hard-headed and ill-tempered. But overall they are calm dogs. They are at their happiest state when they have tasks to fulfill. During training, they should be treated in a kind manner but it is important for the trainer to be firm and consistent. The dog will be greatly disturbed if they will be told harsh words and will be approached in a tough manner since they are highly sensitive. They also have a tendency to be focused and dedicated to one family member and will ignore others. They become highly agitated when locked in a kennel. They need regular contact with people.

Exercise Needs

The Field Spaniel is in need of a lot exercise since it is primarily a working field dog. A sporty family is highly suitable for this breed. The Field Spaniel is at its happiest state when they are given the chance to explore and run.

Living Conditions

The Field Spaniel will do best with at least a big yard. They are not suitable for apartment life. This is because they are active indoors. They have great hunting instincts and because of that it is advisable for the owners to have a good fence surrounding the property. Without this, they may tend to run away if they catch an interesting scent. It is also not advisable for the Field Spaniel to be locked in a kennel since they become highly agitated and neurotic. The Field Spaniel also likes and prefers cool climates.

Grooming Requirements


Health Issues

The Field Spaniel has a tendency to have ear infections and hip dysplasia.

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