The English Springer Spaniel!

The English Springer Spaniel is usually of medium size. They have long pendant ears. They are neither too light nor too heavy. The tail is commonly wagging and docked. They should have a confident bearing. The level of the back is approximately is the same length as the height at the withers. It is never longer. The front legs are straight. The feet are compact. The head is not too heavy. It is in proportion to the rest of the dog. It is strong and refined. The length of the head is about the same of the neck. The top line of the skull and the muzzle are approximately parallel planes. Their eyes are medium-sized and have a kind expression. The eyes are either brown or hazel. This would depend on the color of the coat. The coat has medium length and is either flat or wavy and feathered. The coat comes in liver and white, black and white, or blue or liver roan. The white coat may sometimes have streaks of colored hair. The English Springer Spaniel’s neck is fairly long for his body.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
12-14 years

Energy Level:
Less than average.

Living Conditions:
Flexible. Generally inactive indoors.

Higher than average.

Exercise Needs:
Daily walk, run or off leash play. Occassional swim.

Breed Group:


18-21 inches

40-55 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Liver and white, black and white, or blue or liver roan.

National breed club:
English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association

English Springer Spaniel Skills

This English Springer Spaniel is the fundamental breed that started all the English hunting spaniels. This breed was considered the perfect companion for the European hunter during the Renaissance. It started being popular in the United States in 1700. The name is acquired from a game called “Flushing Game.” The essence of this game is to spring forward to drive birds out of hiding. This English Springer Spaniel is an exceptional hunter. They hunt well in both water and land. Because the English Springer Spaniel is sincere, this breed is the ideal family dog. This breed’s skills are hunting, being a watch dog, agility, being obedient, and his ability to perform numerous tricks.

English Springer Spaniel Personality

Most English Springer Spaniels are gently and sociable. They are not ill-tempered. This breed is suitable for kids. They are willing, obedient and clever. Aside from those traits they are energetic, playful and quick learners. English Springer Spaniels are brave and cheerful. They are loving and good natured. They prefer being around people. They have a tendency to get into trouble when they are left alone. They tend to bark a lot and they can get destructive. As for other animals, they are usually amiable except for birds. However, they do also tend to get argumentative with dogs of the same sex. English Springer Spaniels go through a phase called the “Teenage Time.” During this time they are highly intellectual and full of energy. They need someone who can be firm in guiding them and letting them know they he or she is in control. There are two types of Springers to consider. The Field English Springer is bred for field work and hunting. They usually have whiter coat as compared to the Bench English Springer. They usually have less hair and oozing with more energy. The Bench Springer Spaniel is bred for shows. The color of their coat is more commonly black or liver. They are much more placid.

Exercise Needs

In order to be happy, the English Springer Spaniel need a lot of exercise. They should be given the chance to take long walks, go running, and play off the leash. They love swimming and they make effective retrievers.

Living Conditions

English Springer Spaniels are suitable for the urban life. They can adapt well in an apartment as long as they are given the opportunity to have enough exercise. They are inactive indoors. With that, they are more fit to be at their best when placed in an average-sized yard.

Grooming Requirements


Health Issues

English Springer Spaniels have a tendency to acquire hip dysplasia. They also have a tendency to easily gain weight so it is advisable not to overfeed them. This breed has been known to have a serious personality problem called the “Rage Syndrome,” a form of epilepsy. This condition leads normal dogs to suddenly attack people. During the attack, they do not follow the commands given to them. This syndrome, however, can be treated.

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English Springer Spaniel


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