The English Foxhound!

The English Foxhound is a solid well-built animal. It’s an elegant, clean-cut, athletic hound. It has a long muzzle and a wide skull. The skull is of full size but not heavy. It has a long neck and very strong hindquarters. The English Foxhound’s brow is pronounced but not sharp nor high. The nose is about 4 ½ inches long and is also wide with open nostrils. The ears which are pendant are set low and lying closely to the cheeks. The English Foxhound’s eyes which are brown and large have a sweet expression. The legs are straight with round, cat-like feet. The coat is usually tri-color (black, white and tan), or bi-color with a white background. The stamina of an English Foxhound is integral in its development.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
9-11 years

Energy Level:
High in youth, low in adulthood.

Living Conditions:
Not for apartment life.


Exercise Needs:
Extensive daily running.

Breed Group:


21-25 inches

60-75 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Black, white and tan.

National breed club:
English Foxhound AKC Site

English Foxhound Skills

The English Foxhound’s country of origin is in Great Britain. They date back to the sixteenth century where he was bred to hunt with a pack. He was developed by mixing of various hounds. He was then subsequently bred with the Greyhound, the Bulldog, and the Fox Terrier. From these latter breeds, the Foxhound inherited its ability to be full of speed, its force and authority and its passion for the hunt. The Foxhound has impressive stamina and a good nose. They were used to chase fox with hunters on horseback. Their talents are tracking and hunting.

English Foxhound Personality

The English Foxhound is an active hunter. They are very responsive and obedient to their masters. Although they are that way, an English Foxhound’s training takes patience. They need people a lot. They are fairly friendly to strangers especially children. They are generally good with other dogs because they do not trust non-canine pets. They are not dog-aggressive. They are relentless in a sense that they are able to fun for hours at a consistent speed. An English foxhound takes up most of its energy during youth. With that, they are ready to retire by the age of seven-eight. An English Foxhound has a similar personality as that of an American Foxhound, although they are sturdier and slower.

Exercise Needs

To be happy, this breed needs extensive daily running. They can become destructive if they are confined too much.

Living Conditions

English foxhounds are very active and are fit for wide areas. They are not recommended for apartment life.

Grooming Requirements


Health Issues

This is a very healthy breed, and is not known for developing any serious health issues.

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English Foxhound


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