The English Cocker Spaniel!

The English Cocker Spaniel is a sturdy, well-built dog, with distinctively long ears that can reach its nose when stretched forward. The skull’s upper plane is almost parallel to that of the muzzle. This breed possesses medium-length hair, and dark, oval eyes. Its nose is colored black or brown, and its jaw has a scissors type of bite. It also has a well-developed chest, but narrow enough to provide graceful movement. Cocker Spaniel tails are usually docked a few weeks after birth. Its paws resemble that of a cat’s.

Some Quick Facts:

Life Expectancy:
12-15 years

Energy Level:
Average; gentle.

Living Conditions:
Flexible; apartments are fine.


Exercise Needs:
Daily walk or run.

Breed Group:


14-17 inches

26-32 pounds

Standard Hair Colors:
Solid Black, Liver, Red, or parti-color combinations of White with Black, Liver, or Red markings. Black Liver with Tan markings are also common.

National breed club:
English Cocker Spaniel Club of America

English Cocker Spaniel Skills

The first recorded existence of a type of spaniel can be traced back to the 1300s, from a description of Gaston Phebus. But it was only in the 1800s that English Spaniels were finally subdivided into seven different breeds. However, the Cocker Spaniel and the Springer Spaniel breeds were only recognized by the Kennel Club of England as distinct breeds in 1892. The name, cocker, was taken from the woodcock, a bird which was meant to be hunted by these dogs. Because of this, Cockers are pretty good at hunting down birds of different types. They also make for effective retrievers, and can hunt even on uneven terrain. However, their hunting gene has been put in the backseat for now, as they now make for effective companions than hunters, as they are very pleasant dogs. Still, though, you can rely on the English Cocker Spaniel to be good at hunting, retrieving, tracking, and even being a trusty watchdog.

English Cocker Spaniel Personality

This dog will do perfectly for children, as it is a jolly, energetic, and affectionate canine. Be warned, though, that even with its gentle nature, it does not like to be teased. If you’re thinking of getting a guard dog, this is not the breed for you.

Exercise Needs

This active dog needs as much exercise as you can afford to give it.

Living Conditions

Don’t worry if you do not have a spacious home. This dog can do well in an apartment, as long as it gets enough exercise. However, if possible, provide a yard where it can run around.

Grooming Requirements


Health Issues

Take great care of this dog’s ears, as it can be prone to infections. Make sure that you have them checked up every so often, especially during summer. Their long ears are highly inviting to parasites such as ticks and burr, which can cause your dog to go deaf.

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English Cocker Spaniel


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