Eight Great (and durable) Dog Toys

There are thousands of dog toys on the market. However, as you probably know, most of them either don't last very long at all or don't keep the attention of your dog or puppy. In this article we've identified eight of the very best dog toys available on the market.

1. Kong Toys : KongAn old standby, but still one of our favorites!  These durable rubber toys with holes in both ends now come in many styles and colors (though bright red is the "traditional" and black is the "extra tough"). They are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe, allowing you to stuff them with all kinds of goodies to keep your pups occupied.  We have many of these around the house (and under our couches).

2. Everlasting Treat BallEverlasting TreatThis blue rubber treat ball is soft in texture but claims to be puncture resistant.  So far, that claim has been true in this household.  The company that manufactures it also sells "everlasting" treats that fit right in the ball.  These however, have proven to be less than everlasting.  We prefer to stuff it with other treats.  Our Dogue De Bordeaux puppy loves to teeth on this toy!

3. Kong TimeKontTimeThe Kong Time is the Creme De La Creme of dog toys!  It is an electronic appliance that automatically dispenses 4 food/treat filled Kongs to keep your dog occupied while you are out of the house. Powered by 4 AA baptisteries, the Kong Time can be set on a counter or on the floor and with the push of a button, set to dispense the 4 Kongs within a 4 or 8 hour period.  We purchased this when we lost our last Mastiff to bloat - we didn't want Reef (our Pit Bull) to be bored during the day when we weren't at home.   

4. WubbaWater WubbaThe Wubba toys come in many styles; Lucian loves all of them!   The Wubba feels like it has 2 tennis balls covered by a thick layer of tough nylon that ends in "tails" (all the better for gnawing!).  Many Wubbas have squeakers, which is part of their appeal!



5. Dr. Noys ToysDr. Noise ToysDr Noys toys are plush toys with the extra perk of having replaceable, removable squeakers.  You can remove them for washing or when your dog has an extra vigorous chewing session; and they finally stop working, just grab another one from the package that the toy comes with and pop it in for more squeaking fun.  The toys come in lots of cute shapes and sizes for all kinds of dogs.

6. Big Mean KittyBig Mean KittyLucian's newest love is his Big Mean Kitty.  Each morning he goes and finds this big, rugged yet floppy kitty and gnaws on his ears and limbs.  Thus far this kitty is a big hit!  We bought it on a whim while on a road trip and we're glad we did!


7. Tuffies Mega Ringtuffies mega ringThis toy has survived for over 3 years!  This is an amazing and toy-death-defying feat!  Tuffies are constructed of three Layers of 600 Denier nylon, three layers of PVC, and then one layer of soft fleece.  Under these 7 layers is a squeaker, set safely away from those strong chewers jaws!  Tuffies toys are also machine washable!

8. Chuckit! Sports Trainerschuckit sports trainersWe added this toy to the list begrudgingly.  While Lucian has a great time romping around with his rubber hockey puck fastened to the end of a long nylon webbed rope, we like our kneecaps.  We also like our television, glasses and other breakable items that reside in our house.  The Chuckit! Sports Trainer is a great toy for outdoor play!




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