Canine Manners 101: Drop It!

The "Drop It!" command is another training command that comes in handy on an almost daily basis (especially with young mouth-centric dogs). Once it is learned, it is an invaluable tool that allows you to keep your hands slime free while safely getting your dog to drop that moldy piece of bread or other foul goody. 

The concept: When your dog is offered something better than the object he is showing interest in, the higher value treat will prevail. 

Step 1: Prepare your training tools - some extremely tasty high value treats (bits of turkey dog, freeze dried liver, cheese, etc) and a fairly uninteresting toy that your dog will put in his mouth. 

Step 2: Get your dog interested in the toy, leading him to take it in his mouth, when he does this tell him "Drop It" and offer him the treat.  When he drops the toy in exchange for the treat - lavish praise!


If your dog is choosing the toy over the treat, there could be three issues:

  1. You need to try a different treat - he isn't a fan of the one you are using.
  2. He isn't hungry enough - try this exercise at a different time of day that isn’t close to a mealtime.
  3. The toy you are using to train with is too much of a prized possession. Choose one he likes a bit less.

Canine Manners 101 Training Series


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