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The Yorkshire Terrier (also known as a “Yorkie”) is a Toy breed that originated in England (in Yorkshire, in fact!).  While these small dogs are now bred as companions, they were originally used to hunt vermin.  It was only later that they became the dog of choice for the high society.

Photo by Rasuccia

Yorkshire Terriers do not have an undercoat, this means that they are considered low to no shedding.  The hair grows continuously and will only come loose when brushed out or broken.  The breed has little “dog smell” and is considered a good choice for people with allergies.  In the photo above a Yorkie’s coat is wrapped to prevent the hair from breaking.  This is done for show dogs to keep up their stellar appearance.

Photo by Devilstar

You will often find advertisements mentioning “Teacup Yorkies” – there is *no* such thing.  The standard of the Yorkshire Terrier simply states that a Yorkie should weigh no more than 7 lbs.  Beware of breeders attempting to breed the tiniest dogs they can – genetic issues such as Luxating Patellas, Porto systemic Shunt, and Legg-Perthes disease are some of the congenital issues that can effect Yorkies.

Photo by Juli’s pix

Yorkies can get along well with dogs within their own pack (as seen in this pic of a Yorkie and a French Bulldog), however they have no idea of their diminutive size!  Yorkies will often aggressively challenge dogs they do not know, no matter how large the stranger is!  This breed is often wary and yappy towards humans they encounter and can become neurotic and attempt to control the household.  However, if given proper training and gentle leadership, a Yorkie can be a fabulous pet!  Too often owners use their dogs small size as an excuse not to train them.

Photo by tinali778

Even though Yorkshire Terriers do not shed, a dog with a full show coat (like the one in the photo above) requires hours of grooming daily.  Dogs who are clipped down will require less maintenance, but will still need regular care on a weekly basis.

Photo by DonnitaMae

Yorkies are known for their affectionate ways and are very intelligent.  They are recommended for homes with older children due to their small size.

Photo by kkfryer

Yorkshire Terriers are a very active breed.  While they will do well in an apartment, they should have a long walk daily to satisfy their physical and mental needs.  Indoor play is required as well.  If there is a safe, fenced in location to bring your pooch – all the better!

Photo by KennethMoyle

Yorkies are terriers and will sometimes chase cats.  However if they are introduced when the Yorkie is young, there should be little problem with the dog adjusting to its feline companion.  It looks like the Yorkshire Terrier in the photograph above knows that the cat is boss in its house!

Photo by janekeeler

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    omq. i want one of those doqs really bad. do you know where i can find onee.!??

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    omg i noe there so cute i might buy one in a few months

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