Papillon Breed Dog Photos

Meet Spot the Playful Papillon

February 7th, 2008

Spot is an energetic, playful female Papillon. (Papillon is the French word for “butterfly”, and describes the combined effect of the breed’s facial markings and ears.) Spot’s hobbies include music, playing dead around horse-sized dogs, and doing face-plants in the snow. Owner Michelle says that Spot is a smart dog and that they refer to her as a “harp hound” because she loves to listen to Michelle’s daughter – Spot’s best friend – playing the harp.


Meet Becky The Puppy Papillon

September 19th, 2007

These are photos of Becky, a 14 week old Papillon. She loves to play, play, play, bite on strings, and play. Becky enjoys laying on clothes, hanging out in the grass, chewing on shoe laces, and cuddling up under the covers.