Bergamasco Breed Dog Photos

Bergamasco Photo Gallery – Pictures of Bergamascos!

October 20th, 2008

The Bergamasco is an extremely unique looking medium sized (70-85 lb) breed of dog that originated in the Italian Alps thousands of years ago.  The breed is also known as the Bergamasco Sheepdog.  This stocky dog is actually quite athletic, though the breeds “dreadlocks” sometimes cause people to think otherwise.

Photo by ★Tom [luckytom]

The Bergamasco puppy in the photo above hasn’t started to become felted (or matted.  This trait is normal and completely healthy for this breed.  The coat of a Bergamasco is contains 3 types of hair that naturally form flocks or mats.   These will grow until they reach ground length.  This process usually begins when a dog is approximately 1 year old.  At that point the owner must help the mats form neatly to insure they stay separated.  The coat must be checked every few days until the pup is about a year and a half.  At that point the mats need very little maintenance.

Photo by Adotta un amico