Beagle Breed Dog Photos

Meet Hunter the Beagle

July 1st, 2007

This is Hunter the Beagle


After buying a new house and not having a dog for a couple of years, I decided to go to the closest pound and see if any of their animals wanted to come share my new place. They had a nice selection of dogs and they were all perfect. But as I made my way down the sidewalk in front of their cages I see this little puppy with his nose pressed to the cage door looking up at me with those Beagle eyes and a wagging tail. Thats all it took! I was saving this dog and he was gonna be the next spoiled little brat to share his existence with me. That was 6 months ago. He was 6 months old and was just dropped off by his previous owner because she had a 2 year old boy who would cry every time the dog would try to play with him. Hunter had been a gift from dear old dad to his son before the divorce and mom couldn’t take care of him anymore. I just couldn’t leave him there. He was meant to be with me, play in my back yard, sleep in my bed, and wake me up every morning licking my face while wagging his tail and wanting to play. I can’t think of a better way to wake up.

Needless to say, I am in love with this dog. He tears at my heart every time I have to leave the house to go work, but one look into his eyes when I come home and its like I never left. Even my doctor asked me what was I doing because my blood pressure has never been so good. Imagine that, I thought i was rescuing this puppy and it turns out he is saving my life.