Phoenix The Brindle Boxer

These are pictures of Phoenix, our beautiful one year old brindle Boxer. Phoenix loves to play, eat and sleep – in that order. He has so much energy it’s almost as if he has springs on the bottom of his feet! Phoenix likes playing with his bone on the carpet, digging holes in the backyard, and lounging out on the family furniture. We love watching him play, but most of all, we love to watch him dig holes as if he really were going to the other end of the world.


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13 Responses to “Phoenix The Brindle Boxer”

  1. Dog Picture Submissions | Dog Reflections Says:

    […] first submission we received to the contest were photos of the adorable purebred brindle boxer named Phoenix (great name!!!) Here’s a picture of Phoenix (isn’t he […]

  2. Ryan Says:

    Phoenix is so adorable! Makes me want get a boxer again (we had one about 12 years ago).

  3. Dee Says:

    Cute dog 🙂

    I really like the middle picture. Nice shot!

  4. Debbie Says:

    I love the photos!!
    I have a female brindle boxer named Josie and I adore her!!

  5. jes Says:

    i just got a male 7mnth old brindle boxer he 9mnths now but he looks the same as your he is so cute my dogs name is krypto

  6. clay peery Says:

    i have a eight week old male brindle boxer that looks identical to yours!!!!

  7. chelsea Says:

    it is so cute i have a insude out brindle and he is the runt of the liter and his is so tiny!!

  8. DAN Says:

    i have a puppy named zeus , who almost looks exactly like phoenix. he is about 6 months old.

  9. SAM Says:


  10. kristen Says:

    I have a 8 week old brindle boxer how big will she get when she is full grown?

  11. HJ Says:

    Your dog looks almost EXACTLY like our Brindle Female boxer that died yesterday.Her name was Gracie…She was poisoned by something or someone, and We miss her a lot.

  12. carrie Says:

    i have a one and half year old reverse brindle boxer her name is Dixie she too is really small she only wieghs 40lbs we have taken her to the vet several times but htey says shes just a runt and completely healthy..pheonix is absolutely adorable i like having a smaller boxer perfect size for inside..

  13. pat Says:

    I have a 2 year old brindle boxer i rescued from a very poor owner. she is the most precious dog i have ever owned she is the most loyal dog. She looks identical to your dog phoenix her name is PRECIOUS

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