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The Otterhound is an exceptionally rare breed that originates from Britain.  Currently there are less than 1000 Otterhounds living in the world today (with the largest population residing in the UK).  One of the breed’s ancestors is the distinctive Bloodhound.  Like its name obviously states, the breed was used to hunt otters in packs.

Photo by thekennelclub

The Otterhound is a large breed (ranging from 65-125 lbs) with a unique rough coat.  This breed should not be shaved down as it can take up to 2 years for the coat to regrow.  An Otterhound should be brushed 1-2 times weekly to prevent matting and to keep shedding down.  The “beard” often collects food and water and many owners like to wipe their dogs face after meals.

Photo by greypoint

The Otterhound has a friendly, outgoing temperament and is a breed that does well in homes with children. However due to their large size and exuberant personalities this breed is not ideal for households with toddlers or as a companion for those who can’t handle a physically powerful dog.  They do have a tendency to be a bit clumsy.  This breed has a deep voice and will “bay” to alert its family or if it is bored.

Photo by shanes photos

Otterhounds are generally good with other dogs and can get along with cats if they are introduced to them at a young age.  This breed needs a great deal of exercise to keep mentally and physically fit.  Ideally a large enclosed space for them to run and sniff is best.  Otterhounds should never be off leash in an unfenced area as they have a tendency to follow the trail over commands.

Photo by kaciep

For a large breed, the Otterhound generally has a long lifespan.  Members of this breed usually live between 10-13 years with some individuals reaching 15 or 16 years of age!  This breed can suffer from the typical large breed issues, Hip Dysplasia and Bloat.  Other issues include a bleeding disorder and epileptic seizures.

Photo by kaydeecee

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