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The Mastiff is also known as the English Mastiff and the Old English Mastiff.  This giant breed originated in England and is a Molosser breed.   This breed is one of the heaviest in the dog world (ranging from 100 to over 200 lbs!) , although both the Irish Wolfhound and the Great Dane are taller.  The puppy in the photo above is 12 weeks old and has a lot of growing ahead!

Photo by g0t50nit

Mastiffs come in a variety of different coat colors :  apricot-fawn, silver-fawn, fawn, or dark fawn brindle.  The snoozing puppy pictured above is a dark fawn brindle.  Mastiffs should always have a black muzzle, ears and nose.  The fur surrounding the eyes should be black as well.

Photo by cntrytenshi1

Mastiffs are truly gentle giants, however they can be wonderful watchdogs as well.  The breed is very calm and usually quiet, but they will defend their families if needed.  Usually their imposing size is enough to intimidate any potential troublemakers!  This breed is very good with children, but they are not suggested for homes with toddlers as they may unknowingly hurt them or knock them over due to their size.

Photo by cngodles

If you are interested in a Mastiff, you had better be prepared for drool, slobber and snoring!  This breed is not one for individuals who are interested in keeping an impeccably clean home at all times.

Photo by Mastdoch

Unfortunately, the larger the dog – the shorter the lifespan.  Mastiffs typically live between 8 and 12 years, with 12 being exceptionally old.  In the pic above the Mastiff has started to grey, showing signs of aging.

Photo by Mike Downey

Mastiffs typically get along with other dogs if they are well socialized as puppies.  It is dire that this breed is well trained when they are young as a 200 lb out of control dog is not a problem anyone wants to deal with!  Mastiffs can do well with other animals as long as they are exposed to them during puppyhood and all play is observed.

Photo by Just Jo

Mastiff puppies should not engage in heavy exercise until they are mature.  This means no excessive running or jumping until they are over the age of 2.  It can cause damage to their growing joints.  Likewise, it is exceptionally important that Mastiff pups (and adults) are fed a very high quality diet and eat a few small meals (as opposed to one large one).  This breed is prone to hip dysplasia and like most giant breeds, bloat (GDV).  Please learn about these health issues before you choose to bring a Mastiff into your home.

Photo by PomsandMastiffs

A Mastiff from England set the Guinness Book Of Worlds Records spot for the heaviest dog in the world.  Zorba weighed in at 343 lbs and stood 37 inches in height at the shoulder.  He was 8 feet 3 inches long from nose to tail.

Photo by Moe Joe

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