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The Lagotto Romagnolo is a rare breed that originated in Italy.  These dogs were bred for the unique purpose of seeking out valuable truffles.  This is the only type of dog bred for this purpose! The breeds descendants were water dogs who retrieved fowl, thus the Lagotto has many features of these types of dogs.  The Lagotto Romagnolo is also called the Romagna Water Dog or the Italian Truffle Dog.  This breed is still very rare in the United States and is recognized by the F.C.I.

Photo by Devilstar

Lagotto Romagnolos come in a variety of colors: solid off-white, white with brown or orange spots, brown roan, solid brown (various shades), and solid orange. Some Lagottos, like the puppy in this photo, have a brown mask.  This breed should never be black, black spotted or grey.

Photo by uk

The Lagotto Romagnolo has a dense, woolly double coat that naturally repels water.  This breed is considered to be hypoallergenic (low shedding) as they have hair and not fur.  Thus it will grow until it is cut and needs to be maintained to keep the dog mat free.  Many owners clip the Lagotto’s coat to about 1-1.5 inches for easier grooming.

by ligionline

The orange Lagotto puppy in this photo has a lot of growing to do!  This breed is medium sized and usually ranges between 24-35 lbs.

Photo by Bergfreund

With their background as retrievers, the Lagotto is a true water dog!  This breed adores swimming and is always up for a dip in any body of water it can find!

Photo by piki2008

Lagottos are extremely intelligent and catch on to training quickly.  They respond well to positive reinforcement and truly enjoy pleasing their owners. This breed must be kept physically active and mentally stimulated.  They are affectionate canine family members who get along with children and other pets.  When choosing a Lagotto pup, make sure that they are outgoing – this breed shouldn’t be overly shy.

Photo by Natural Background

Lagottos have an almost never-ending supply of energy and do well at obedience, agility and other dog sports.  Because of their truffle sniffing tendencies, these dogs are prone to digging.  They must be supervised at all times to keep from digging under fences!

Photo by bogglebox

Lagottos are often long lived, with some dogs reaching 16 years (or older!).  This breed is generally quite hearty and healthy.  Hip Dysplasia occurs occasionally, but dogs obtained from reputable breeders should have had testing done to make sure the parents were free from this condition.

Photo by ollipitkanen

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  1. Oregon Truffle Festival 2009 « mainly music meanderings Says:

    […] pictures of Lagotto Romagnolo’s are here: (they look very poodle-y to […]

  2. Judith Martin Says:

    To learn more about the breed, visit Lagotto Club of America website at:

    This is rare breed but the list of those who love the breed is growing and we are working toward full recognition by the AKC. Lagotti may be shown in AKC companion events such as Agility, Obedience, Rally and Tracking.

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