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The Japanese Chin (also known as the Japanese Spaniel) is an incredibly old breed  with origins that are debated.  Most believe that this toy breeds ancestors came from China, while others say these dog’s roots are planted in Japan and still some say Korea!  However, it is known that the Chin was the chosen dog of Japanese Royalty.

Photo by Brent and Georgie

Japanese Chins were bred as companion dogs, thus they are extremely affectionate and attached to their human companions.  They can be reserved with strangers.

Photo by mreioval

Japanese Chins are a brachycephalic breed, meaning they have a flat face with a shortened muzzle.  This means they must be kept cool in hot weather and monitored in the cold as well.  Japanese Chins often pant more than other breeds.

The puppy in the photo above is getting used to spending time in a crate.

Photo by Jeachin

Japanese Chins need daily brushing to keep their coats free from snags and mats.  Other than that they are a very clean breed.

Photo by chinluvr

Many owners find that Japanese Chins have catlike personalities.   The breed is independent, clean and have even been known to use their paws to clean themselves.  They also enjoy laying on the back of the couch and usually pick a favorite spot in the house in which to rest.

Photo by magnolia83912

Japanese Chins do well with other dogs and pets.  As you can see in the image above, these 3 seem to enjoy each others company (Chins have a naturally grumpy face sometimes- they can’t help it!).

Photo by Jeachin

Japanese Chin are prone to collapsing trachea.  It is best to walk them on a harness rather than a collar to prevent putting extra pressure on their neck.

Photo by CleverDarkElve

Japanese Chins have minimal exercise requirements.  While they do need short walks to fulfill their bathroom needs, they can expend most of their energy playing in the house.  They make ideal apartment dogs.

Photo by greypoint

A Chin’s personality will be molded by the environment it grows up in.  If your home is full of action and people coming in and out, your Chin will be more outgoing and comfortable with strangers.  If your home is quiet and your Chin is your main companion, you can expect to have a quiet dog who is wary with visitors.  Socialization is a must if you want to get your Chin used to many people.

Photo by Lovely Mui

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  1. tina benstead Says:

    i have had my baby gizmo for 8 years he is so smart a great companion and sticks to me like glue he really is every thing they describe catlike he cleans himself with his paws he hates real hot or real cold weather. the dogs on this site are sooo sweet thanx for making this site its really great …tina and gizmo in indiana

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