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Italian Greyhounds (who are also known by the nickname “Iggys”) are the smallest of the Sighthounds.  They usually range from 8-15 lbs.   Although the breeds name is believed to come from their popularity throughout Renaissance Italy, dogs that looked similar to the Italian Greyhound were found in Egypt as well.  Italian Greyhounds were primarily bred as companions, but have been used to hunt vermin as well.

Photo by Anii

Italian Greyhounds have an extremely short coat that is generally very easy to keep clean.  They rarely need bathing and do well with wipe downs.  However they do shed like most other breeds.

Photo by madaise

Italian Greyhounds can be a challenge to housebreak.  They are generally a submissive breed who have a great affection for their humans.  This is not a breed for homes with small or rambunctious children.  Until an Italian Greyhound puppy is full grown, its limbs are fragile and can be easily broken.

Photo by k.wangers

Italian Greyhounds make great apartment dogs!  They love to play indoors and will do well with a few good walks outside.  Italian Greyhounds should never be let off leash unless safely confined by a fence.  These dogs will take off after any fast moving animal (a squirrel, cat, etc) and will not look back!

Photo by unparent

Owners of Italian Greyhounds need to allow them to safely socialize and remember that they are indeed dogs, in spite of their unique build.  If babied, these dogs can become snappy and defensive.

Photo by greenhorngal

Italian Greyhounds can get along well with other dogs (like this Pomeranian in the photo above) or even cats in their homes.  Owners need to introduce the two properly and make sure all play is done safely.

Photo by chasingfun

Because of their lack of body fat and short coats, Italian Greyhounds love warm places.  They enjoy cuddling with other dogs, or even burrowing under the covers in bed!  This breed needs to be kept warm in the cold months and will need a jacket or sweater for winter walks.

Photo by galla15

Just because Italian Greyhounds are small, that doesn’t mean they don’t like to play!  This Iggy in the image above likes to fetch.  Others have been known to excel in agility or lure coursing.

Photo by ellemenopy

Get your Italian Greyhound puppy used to having his or her teeth brushed from the get go.  This breed is prone to dental issues and the earlier you start with healthy habits, the better off you’ll both be!

Photo by Ricecake

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