Irish Wolfhound Photo Gallery – Pictures of Irish Wolfhounds

This Irish Wolfhound is participating in Lure Coursing – a Dog Sport.

Photo by Sighthound

Irish Wolfhounds are known as the tallest dog breed in the world.  They can reach heights of over 7 feet tall when standing on their hind legs!

Photo by Silver Plum Digital LLC

Irish Wolfhounds have gentle and patient personalities.  They aren’t natural guard dogs, but their sheer size is often enough to discourage an intruder!

Photo by piajade

Like most Giant Breeds, Irish Wolfhound pups should be fed a high quality diet to prevent them from growing at too rapid a rate.  Slower growth is healthier for hips, knees and other joints.

Photo by sheilakane

Big dogs require big lifestyle changes!  Make sure you have a vehicle that can hold your giant sized pooch if you are interested in an Irish Wolfhound (or three!)

Photo by Jenya Campbell

Irish Wolfhounds are a very old breed possibly dating from 1st century BC or even earlier. They were first bred as dogs of war by the ancient Celts.

Photo by Sean C1

Irish Wolfhounds are known to be “Gentle Giants” and have a reputation as being a reliable breed to own with children.

Photo by Edine

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  1. louanna Says:

    Hi, this type of dog is one of my favorite even that there not the most pretty dog they are one of the kindest dogs
    from louanna

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