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Greyhound type dogs can be traced back over 8000 years.  Their name does not actually stem from the color of their coats, but comes from Old English origins meaning “To Shine”.

Photo by clarkmaxwell

Most Greyhounds you see as pets have been bred by professional breeders for the sport of Greyhound racing.  These retired canine athletes are placed up for adoption through rescues once their carers as racers are over (usually between 2-5 years of age).  Occasionally these rescues have puppies or dogs that have not been raced, but this is a rare occurrence.  There are breeders who produce Greyhounds for confirmation and to better the breed, but they are few and far between.

Photo by JAGwired

While Greyhounds are being raced they are handled by many people, so ex-racers are usually well socialized with humans.  They also spend time with lots of other Greyhounds.  However, they don’t see other breeds of dogs.  Sometimes they are indifferent or frightened of the “newcomers” when they first meet them out in the world.

Photo by liza31337

Though Greyhounds have a reputation as the runners of the canine world, this breed is actually quite calm and docile.  They even have earned themselves the nickname “Forty-five mile per hour Couch Potatoes.” Greyhounds are generally quiet and do well with a daily walk of 30-45 minutes.  They do love to sprint in a safely enclosed area.

Photo by greytdogart

Ex-racers are used to being kept in crates, so the adjustment to crate training within the home should be a smooth one and should help your newly adopted Greyhound feel secure in his new environment.

Photo by greypaw

Greyhounds are sighthounds and some will instinctively will chase things that move swiftly.  While some Greys will be OK in homes with cats, others have a very high prey drive and can’t be placed in the same home as felines or even toy breed dogs.

Photo by Marshed

Greyhounds look decievingly thin!  They are actually quite heavy! They generally range from 50-85 lbs.

Photo by letitbe2000

This image shows a Greyhound puppy!  It’s rare to see one of these guys, since almost all the Greys out there are ex-racers.

Photo by tomcatgeorge

Because Greyhounds have no body fat, they must be protected from cold tempertures.  They need to wear coats and “Snoods” (as seen in the photo above) when going out in foul weather.

Photo by Michael-A

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  1. skye Says:

    they are sooo cute!!!!!!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    the most underrated breed on earth!

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