Dante the Labradane

Dante is my lovable Great Dane/Lab. Some people call this mixed breed Labradane.

When he’s on his hind legs, he’s taller than me. I’m 5 foot 2 inches. He has the size of a Great Dane but with the features of a Lab. Basically, but he looks like a very large Lab. When we go on walks, he loves to run and pull me on the leash! People usually stop us, look at him, and ask one of two questions: “What kind of dog is that?” or “Is he walking you, or are you walking him?” :)


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11 Responses to “Dante the Labradane”

  1. becky Says:

    We have a great lab and we love him. he is the best dog but we are looking for a second dog but we can’t find any breeders. Any ideas?

  2. Frances Says:

    i’m so happy that my puppy is like yours he is only 2 months and he is already 20 pounds .I hope he grows as big as a great dane.

  3. michelle Says:

    I have a 1 year old American Eskimo named “Oz” and month old Labradane puppy named “Eddie”. Ed is the sweetest, biggest, clumsy goofball and I love him so much! He looks so much like Dante!!! I would love some tips on how to manage a dog like this, as this is my first large breed dog.

  4. Siobhan Says:

    Hello :)

    Do you know which breed the mother is, Lab or Dane? I’d love to get a dog (or maybe a pair – siblings?) and I wonder whether the gender of each breed affects the size of their puppies – I know it affects the size of Ligers (tiger/lion crosses – big) and Tigons (tiger/lion crosses – small).

    Cheers :)

  5. Beverly Says:

    I have a 5 year old American Eskism and recently have taken in a 6? yr old lab feom a neighbor who was moving. Now I think I may have a labradane. Toby is huge but looks like a lab. Black wuth white chest and brown feet. A gentle giant. Just discovered he is afaid of thunder.

  6. Presley, K-9 Says:


    My name is Presley, a Labradane from Montana, living in Seattle, although currently i am hibernating in California! Nice pics! I have started a labrade chat group on mysapce :-)

  7. Joe Says:

    Great pictures!

    My girl friend and I just adopted a beautiful Labradane from the MSPCA in Jamaica plain, MA that looks almost identical to Dante. We’ve named him Pluto.

    We’ve been incredibly impressed with the breed so far. It only took us one day to potty train him–he’s incredibly smart and a quick learner. He’s also very gentle and great around small dogs. He plays more like a Great Dane than a Labrador. My girl friend and I love him to bits!

  8. kaite Says:

    OH MY GoSH i have been looking for this breed forever and i can’t seem to find any but my step-dad has a labradane and i love him soo much and he is so playful for a 7 year old dog. he is just sweet and a huge goofball ;)

  9. Caitlin & Jason & Major Says:

    We have a wonderful labradane named Major (for obvious size reasons) who we adopted from the SPCA two years ago. He’s incredibly playful and goofy (he once ran into a parked car), but he’s very intelligent and can learn almost any trick in just a few minutes. He looks almost identical to Dante, he plays very well with small dogs (my mom’s Schnoodle loves him), and he definitely plays more like a Dane than a Lab (he hates to retrieve). When we first got him, he had a very bad jumping problem, which was what kept him from being adopted; he spent 6 months in the SPCA… he was pretty close to being euthanized :( . However, the SPCA provided us with free obedience classes and he was the star pupil and doesn’t jump up on people anymore. He is terrified of any loud sounds: thunder, fireworks, car backfires. Since we adopted him as a young adult dog, we’re not sure if this is a learned behavior, or an inherent trait. We do have to watch his weight a little bit, because he once got to be about 150 lbs and he looked like a table. In any case, he’s a wonderful dog and our roommates LOVE him as do any and all children who meet him.

  10. Tony and Kimberly Says:

    We just adopted a 5 month old Labradane. Berkley weighs about 50 pounds right now. He looks a lot like Dante actually. The people at the shelter said to expect him to be around 90 pounds, but we’ve had him for a month and he has only gained about 8. Should we be concerned with this? He is a very playful pup and loves attention. He is always “retrieving” things for us, even if we aren’t playing. His favorite thing to do is to bring 2 liter pop bottles into the loving room and kick them around with his HUGE paws. He is also lazy and when he is done playing will plop down anywhere, even on your lap. Overall, he is a great dog and we are very happy to have him with us.

  11. Sheila & Steve Says:

    We have had our Labradane, Toby, for eleven years and he has been a pure joy. We would love to add
    another to our family so, if anyone knows of a
    Labradane pup that needs a good home please let us know.

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