Dan’s Dogs, Reef and Lucian


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  1. Pasqualina Says:

    You have very dog handsomes.

  2. Product Review: Dogswell Happy Hips Treats | Dog Reflections Says:

    […] have recently been feeding both Lucian and Reef Happy Hips treats. Due to Lucian’s extra large size (he is 142 lbs and still growing!), I […]

  3. Product Review: Wagatha’s Organic Dog Treats | Dog Reflections Says:

    […] delicious. Like “real food” – that’s because they are “real food”. Reef and Lucian agreed with our sniff test. I took some of the cookies they often get (high quality stuff) and […]

  4. Product Review: Mountainsmith Dog Pack | Dog Reflections Says:

    […] for years. She’s used to wearing them and gets very excited when she sees a pack coming out. Lucian, my 1.5 year old Dogue De Bordeaux, is full of energy and is an extremely muscular dog. We decided […]

  5. Product Review: Dogswell Happy Heart Chicken Treats | Dog Reflections Says:

    […] all this treat testing, Lucian has grown quite picky. He knows what he likes and what he doesn’t these days. When I tell the […]

  6. Product Review: Dublin Dog Collars | Dog Reflections Says:

    […] stylish designs (in pretty much any color assortment you would ever) want really jumped out at me. Lucian, Reef and I anxiously waited for the collars to arrive. The day the box came and I opened it up, I have […]

  7. Debunking The Myth: Dogs Feel Guilt | Dog Reflections Says:

    […] once did an experiment with my own dog, Reef, when she was younger and would raid the trash can. When I would find her in the kitchen my tone […]

  8. Snow Dogs - A Collection Of 25 Wintery Photos | Dog Reflections Says:

    […] tail-wagging excitement – he couldn’t be more thrilled about the winter weather. Reef, on the other hand, wants very little to do with the snow (to put it mildly). If I don’t put […]

  9. Natural Winter Weather Care For Dogs - Paws and Noses! | Dog Reflections Says:

    […] I used the sprays on Lucian and Reef, I noticed they smelled very natural, much like essential oils – and lacked any medicinal smell at […]

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