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The Collie was originally bred for herding sheep and goats in Scotland.  This large (45-80 lbs) breed is also known as the Scotch Collie.  Collies come in 2 different coat types:  Rough and Smooth.  Despite their drastically different appearances, the 2 types are the exact same breed.

Photo by wcm777

The dog in the photo above is a Smooth Coated Collie.  This variety has a thick undercoat with rough outer guard hairs.  Smooth Collies shed a moderate to heavy amount (as it varies seasonally).

Photo by Blazingstar

The litter of Collie puppies in the photo above contains both Rough Coated pups and Smooth Coated pups.  The colors seen are Blue Merles and Tricolors.  Collies are most commonly Sable and White (think the color of Lassie) colored.  There are also dogs with Sable Merle coats.

Photo by coliwabl

This photo shows a Sable Rough Coated Collie.  The Rough Coated variety of this breed has a soft undercoat that is covered by a thick, long outer covering of fur.  They should be brushed at least twice a week to keep their coats well groomed.

Photo by Leo-Avalon

The Collie is a friendly and intelligent breed that gets along well with other animals and makes a good companion for families.  While some of these dogs have a high herding drive, it is usually not comparable to that of the Border Collie.  However, some Collies will still attempt to herd children, cats or other dogs.

Photo by Kitty Cats (,,,)>^.ָ.^<(,,,)

Collies respond well to positive reinforcement during training.  They are a sensitive breed that does not take well to harsh methods.  Collies are known to be very faithful and naturally protective of their owners.  Sometimes this guardian nature makes them a bit wary of strangers.  The Collie can be prone to barking if they are bored and unstimulated, making this truly a breed that needs to live within the house amongst its family.

Photo by victoria0805

The Collie is generally a healthy breed, but like all purebreds, there are some things to know if you are interested in owning one of these dogs.  Collies are prone to eye problems including Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA).  There is genetic testing as well as eye screening that reputable breeders can do to insure that their pups are free from these issues.  Some Collies have a sensitivity to Ivermectin (a drug used in Heartworm preventatives) that can cause neurological damage and even prove to be fatal.  Alternative drugs are often suggested for this breed.

Photo by arie.eliens

There have been many notable Collies in history (not just Lassie) including, Reveille VII –  the current mascot for Texas A&M University.  Ch. Laund Loyalty of Bellhaven (a Rough Collie) is the youngest dog to ever win the prestigious Westminster Dog Show – he was only 9 months old at the time!  However Lassie, the Rough Collie who captured hearts on television and in movies, is the most famous Collie of all!

Photo by Treefiddy

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