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The Chow Chow first originated in Mongolia approximately 4000 years ago.  Later, the breed was introduced to China where it was known as  “Songshi Quan”which translates into “puffy lion dog”.  Recent studies of canine DNA are now showing that the Chow Chow is one of the oldest of all dog breeds.

Photo by Qba from Poland

The Chow Chow is naturally an extremely dominant breed.  Introductions to other animals in the household must be done when a puppy is still young and impressionable.

Photo by Kimberly207

Chow Chows have a long history as a working breed.  In China this breed was used for many purposes including guarding, pulling carts and on a grim note – their meat was used for food and coats for fur.

Photo by queropere .-

Due to the Chow Chows natural dominance, owners of this breed must be consistent and firm when training them from the get go.  A Chow puppy (like the one in the photo above) should be socialized in many different environments with a variety of people.  Over-protection is common in this breed and they generally are aloof to anyone who is not within their family.

Photo by flckr_TH

Chows are unique because they have a bluish/purple tongue (that some people refer to as black).

Photo by Uldis

Chow Chows are not a particularly active breed (the one in the image above looks a lot like a stuffed animal!).  They do need a good daily walk to stay healthy and fit.  This breed enjoys patrolling the house – always on guard.

Photo by veganstraightedge

Chow Chows are not a breed for everyone.  This willful dog must have a confident owner who is unwilling to allow the dog to control their home.  A stable and well bred Chow should not be meek with strangers or have aggressive tendencies.

Photo by electra-cute

Chow Chows can live with other dogs in the same household.  It is generally best to keep opposite sexes in the home in order to avoid squabbles.

Photo by lizettey

The Chow Chow’s long thick coat needs regular brushing to keep it clean and tangle free.  This breed is a heavy shedder.  Chows are prone to entropion – an eye disorder that needs surgical correction.

Photo by Milonga

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