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The Chinese Crested is a highly unique looking member of the Toy Group.  This breed has a diverse history, as it is believed that they originated from African hairless dogs and were then bred down in size by the Chinese.   These little dogs were the companions of Chinese sailors and were used to hunt vermin on boats.  Previously they were known as Chinese Hairless, the Chinese Ship Dog, the Chinese Royal Hairless and even the Chinese Edible Dog.

Photo by opiumpoppy

There are 2 varieties of Chinese Crested – the Hairless and the Powderpuff.  Both types can be born in the same litter.  Hairless dogs, like the one in the photo above, have very soft skin that feels much like that of a human.  They have socks (fur around the paws), a plume (fur on the tail), and the crest (the long fringe of hair on the head).  Some Hairless have fur on their muzzles as well, known as a beard.  They are a good choice for people with allergies.

Photo by dogsbody

The image above shows the other variety of Chinese Crested – the Powderpuff.  Powderpuffs have a long, extremely soft double coat that is considered very low to no shedding.  They need daily brushing to keep from matting and come in a variety of colors.

Photo by phoebedslr

Caring for a hairless breed presents new challenges as a dog owner.  The skin of a Chinese Crested is prone to many of the problems that befall humans, including sunburn, acne and dryness.  Sunscreen must be used to prevent these dogs from burning when they are outdoors.  Their skin must be moisturized daily to prevent dryness and blackheads.  Many owners of Chinese Cresteds say that their dogs hop in the shower with them!

Photo by deanna_

Chinese Cresteds are generally very good with other pets, from cats to other dogs.  Care must be taken to make sure that they are not injured by larger animals who may play roughly with them as they do not have fur to protect themselves! In the photo above a Chinese Crested curls up with a Sphynx cat.

Photo by

Chinese Cresteds are an active and playful little breed who thrive with long daily walks and a great deal of playtime.  They love human companionship and are not a breed to get if you are going to be out of the house all day.  These dogs can be friendly and outgoing if they are not babied and overprotected.

Photo by sunnaix

Chinese Cresteds are generally a healthy breed and are known to have a relatively long lifespan (averaging around 15 years).  However, no breed is perfect.  Some issues that have been reported in Cresteds are:  Patellar Luxation, dental issues, Progressive Retinal Atrophy and allergies. When seeking a reputable breeder make sure to ask questions about health testing.  You can also find these dogs in breed specific rescues.

Photo by Natty K

Chinese Cresteds are very sensitive to the cold and need to wear a sweater or jacket when the weather becomes chilly.  The puppy in the picture is enjoying some mild weather.

Photo by sunnaix

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