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The Bull Terrier has one of the most unique faces in the dog world.  This breed (and the Miniature Bull Terrier) are the only recognized breeds that are permitted to have triangular eyes.  Bull terriers have a strong Roman nose and an egg shaped head.  This is a dog that stands out from all other breeds and is unmistakable in a crowd!

Photo by Thor Hakonsen

The Bull Terrier is sometimes called the English Bull Terrier and has even been referred to as “Pig Dog”.  It has also earned itself the nickname “gladiator of the canine race”.

Photo by Llima

Bull Terrier puppies need careful socialization and this breed is not recommended for most homes.  They can be a wonderful companion, but they tend to be very stubborn and they need a great deal of time with their humans.  If they are left alone for too long they will become destructive.  They are too rambunctious for homes with small children.

Photo by lannon787

The Bull Terrier in the photo above has a happy expression.  This breed is often known for its clownish antics.

Photo by ideogibs

Bull Terriers are moderate shedders.  Their short coats can be groomed with a rubber brush to help remove dead hairs outside the house (and not on your furniture!).

Photo by ELCAMINO1987

This breed is often dog aggressive and careful socialization with other dogs must be started at a young age.  Spaying and Neutering your dog can help control hormone based displays.

Photo by eddsandoval

Bull Terriers are a moderately active breed who enjoy lengthy strolls.  They need to be exercised consistently in order to make sure their weight is controlled.

Photo by janneja

The stocky Bull Terrier weighs between 45-70 lbs on average.  The breed loves to play with toys.

Photo by Semmi

The Bull Terrier in the adorable image above is an exception to the rule!  In general this breed is not recommended for homes with other animals.

Photo by skippy966

In the 1980’s, Bud Light Beer ran a huge advertising campaign featuring a Bull Terrier named “Spuds Mackenzie”.

Photo by brunocosta

While Bull Terriers may have a fearsome reputation, they are generally a good tempered breed!  During tests conducted by the American Temperament Test Society, 92.1% of all Bull Terriers passed their evaluations.  This is compared to 81.5% of all other breeds.

Photo by gilbarbara

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  1. ash atkinson Says:

    bullies are the best dogs ever. they are so well tempered and so loving to all my other animals. i have 35 guinea pigs and two cats and my bullie loves them. its not the dog bread that makes a dog attack it is the stupid owner that makes them.

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