Brussels Griffon Photo Gallery – Pictures of Brussels Griffons!

Brussels Griffons are rumored to have inspired the look of the Ewoks from the “Star Wars” movies.  Note the resemblance in the photo above!

Photo by jillstir

The Brussels Griffon originated in Belgium and the name actually refers to 3 different breeds:  The Griffon Bruxellois, The Griffon Belge and the Petit Brabançon. These 3 dogs have the same standards except for their coats and colors.  Depending on the club under which the dogs registration falls, they still all may be considered a Brussels Griffon.

Photo by Faith Georgia

This picture shows a young Petit Brabançon, or a smooth coated Brussels Griffon.

Photo by BelleGriff

Brussels Griffons have short muzzles which make them prone to heat stroke.  This active breed needs to be carefully monitored in hot weather.  They can get much of their needed exercise indoors.

Photo by rothfilm

Brussels Griffons are known to bond heavily with one member of the family over all others.  This little guy in the photo above doesn’t want to be left behind!  This breed will be very distressed if they are not given adequate attention from their favorite person.

Photo by C-Monster

While Brussels Griffons do generally get along well with other dogs and animals within their household, they may try and challenge strange dogs – even ones that are many times their size.

Photo by ssitron

Brussels Griffons have earned the nickname “Monkey Dogs” or “Monkey Face” because of their ever amusing expressions!  It’s hard not to be think that these little dogs are quite humorous!

Photo by deveychka

Griffons are dogs with tons of personality for their diminutive size!  The breed usually weighs in between 6-12 lbs.

Photo by Carolyn Rita

Brussels Griffons aren’t a great choice for homes with young children.  These dogs desire to be the center of attention at all times and do not want to share the spotlight with a baby or toddler.  They need consistency in training as they can be quite stubborn.

Photo by razzieswirl

A smooth coated Griffon doesn’t require much grooming, but does shed with the seasonal change.  The rough coated variety does shed a bit and will need regular grooming.  Some owners decide to keep their dogs clipped down to keep maintenance to a minimum.

Photo by Oreganoflow

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