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Briards are a large (50-90 lb) breed of French Herding dog.  They are considered an ancient breed and have been the companions of many notable figures throughout history including Charlemagne, Napoleon and Thomas Jefferson (he actually imported this breed to the United States)! This breed is also known as the  Chien Berger de Brie.

Photo by dcmitchell

Briards are natural working dogs who were bred to herd and guard livestock.  They are independent as it was necessary for them to think for themselves while they were tending their flock.  They are protective of their human companions and can be wary of strangers.

Photo by Lyrumoi

Although Briards were bred to work, they become extremely attached to their people and want to be around them at all times!  This breed is known to be a “Velcro dog”, meaning they like to follow you from room to room.  Briards will only thrive in the house with plenty of human interaction.

Photo by fallsroad

Briards are high energy dogs who need long daily walks and do best with a romp off leash in a safe fenced-in location.

Photo by krisnreine

Briards are prone to GDV (aka Bloat) – this is a life threatening condition that almost all large and giant breeds are susceptible to.  Please read up on this condition if you are interested in this breed.

Photo by remusandcole

Briards can have natural (as seen on the puppy in the photo above) or cropped ears.  As there is a general ban on cropping across all of Europe, more dogs across the United states are being kept uncropped as well.

Photo by dcmitchell

Briards can coexist peacefully with other animals within the household, however they can occasionally display some dog aggression.  They should be socialized with other dogs carefully from a young age.

Photo by gsx-r750

Grooming a Briard takes a good chunk of time each week.  The rough coat needs to be kept free of snags and mats.  If properly kept, the breed should shed very little.  However they do tend to collect water and dirt in their beards.  This is not a breed for those who want to keep an immaculate home.  The Briard in the image above has been clipped for ease in grooming.

Photo by surferdog

A Briard can be a challenge to a novice dog owner.  This breed must be raised with consistant training and lots of mental stimulation in order to have a mentally stable and well rounded dog.  Briards are very intelligent and excel in agility, herding trials and obedience.

Photo by jsmjr

The Briards natural herding ability is one that he retains even if he has never seen a sheep!  If you take an urban Briard and show him a sheep he will instinctively begin the behavior he was bred to do!  Some Briards have a tendency to try and herd children.

Photo by krisnreine

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