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The Basenji is a primitive hunting breed that originated in Africa.  These unique dogs have very distinct personality traits that make living with them different than cohabitatating with many other breeds.  Many of these dogs (like the ones pictured above) end up in rescues, due to a lack of understanding of the Basenjis temperament.

Photo by gretchenbehm

While many call the Basenji the “barkless dog”, they can still make many noises!  The unique shape of their larynx allows them to produce a “yodeling” type vocalization and another that sounds like “baroo”!

Photo by Marcel Meier

The Basenji needs lots of physical activity to keep in shape.  These dogs need long daily walks and do best with safe, fenced in areas where they can romp.  Basenjis are escape artists and can easily climb fences.  They can not be left alone in a yard for a moment, as this clever breed will come up with a way to get out!

Photo by Happy Tinfoil Cat

Basenjis are exceptionally intelligent but that trait is coupled with an extreme sense of Independence.  This is not a breed that is easily trained or will ever follow commands to a tee. Some people have actually referred to  Basenjis as “untrainable” – while this is absolutely NOT true, it does take a lot of positive reinforcement and creativity to hold this breeds attention.  Although Basenjis are quiet, they are incredibly playful and will entice their owners into their games constantly.  This breed is sometimes considered aloof, but many dogs form strong bonds with their owners.

Photo by thomas_arnestad

The Basenji has a distinctly curled tail that curls up and rests over one side of the dogs back.

Photo by Eva Basenji

Basenjis come in 4 colors: red, black, black/tan/white  (tricolor), and brindle.  All of these colors should have a white tail tip, white feet & a white chest.

Photo by cha3701

Basenjis retain many of their primitive personality traits, and also one very interesting physical characteristic.  Females of this breed only go into heat once per year.  Reputable breeders often have waiting lists for their pups.

Photo by dyenamics53

Basenjis often prefer the company of  Basenjis (as compared to other dog breeds).  Because of their instinctive nature to chase and hunt, they should not be trusted with cats or other small animals.

Photo by cyberfug

Basenji puppies are often strong chewers and need plenty of toys in order to keep them occupied and to keep your furniture intact!

Photo by jcbehm

Basenjis are very clean and lack that “doggy smell” many people complain about.  They often hate the rain and have been known to walk around puddles instead of wading through them!

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