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The Australian Cattle Dog originated in – you guessed it – Australia!  These dogs were created to herd cattle.  The breed is sometimes called the  Queensland Heeler.   Australian Cattle Dogs with red coats are also called Red Heelers, while blue coated examples of the breed are known as Blue Heelers.  The dog in the pic above has a blue coat.

Photo by Devilstar

Cattle dogs are a medium sized breed with a short coat.  They usually weigh between 30 and 50 lbs.  These dogs are highly energetic and athletic.

Photo by j25bravo

The Australian Cattle Dog in the photo above shows a distinctive feature of the breed – the mask.  In blue dogs, the mask consists of a blueish black patch over one or both eyes (occasionally blue dogs do have some red coloration in their face).   For red dogs, a red patch over one or both eyes. ACD’s without masks are called “plain faced” and sometimes have colored “eyebrows”.  Both types of markings are acceptable according to standards.

Photo by TAHbKA

When Australian Cattle Dogs are born, the ticked (meaning not solid) areas of their coats are white.  These spots darken as the puppy ages.  You can see that this pup in the picture looks a bit “downy” in appearance!

Photo by wetron1

The Australian Cattle Dog is a working breed and thrives when it has a job to do.  If it can’t herd cattle, it needs to be kept busy with other activities such as dog sports or obedience.  If these dogs don’t have an outlet for pent up energy and intellect they will resort to destructive behaviors.  They have an incredible amount of stamina and drive and are not a suitable dog for apartment life.

Photo by Sam Bennett

Australian Cattle Dogs are generally wary of people they don’t know.   They aren’t generally recommended for homes with small children as the can be mouthy and rough with youngsters.  ACD’s can get along with cats if they are introduced as puppies.  Otherwise, their strong prey drive makes felines a fast moving target for them to chase.  The Australian Cattle Dog is naturally dominant, which can lead to dog aggression issues.

Photo by MissRach2000

While the Australian Cattle Dog may not be for everyone, they are certainly one of the most intelligent breeds out there.  If you’re looking for a true herding dog or a dog that will excel in various dog sports, the ACD may be a perfect match for you!  Contact some reputable breeders or locate a breed rescue and maybe you’ll find the Heeler of your dreams!

Photo by tasker

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